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* LogAudit: remove dynamic rate limiterJeff Vander Stoep2018-01-031-45/+8
* Add suite component to test modulesJulien Desprez2017-12-181-0/+1
* Merge "CtsLogdTestCases#sepolicy_rate_limiter failure" am: 99691dfc74 am: 806...Mark Salyzyn2017-10-021-1/+1
| * Merge "CtsLogdTestCases#sepolicy_rate_limiter failure"Mark Salyzyn2017-10-021-1/+1
| |\
| | * CtsLogdTestCases#sepolicy_rate_limiter failureMark Salyzyn2017-10-021-1/+1
* | | Merge "Small liblog test fixes & readability improvements." am: 332370d14d am...Alan Stokes2017-08-251-27/+35
|\| |
| * | Merge "Small liblog test fixes & readability improvements."Alan Stokes2017-08-251-27/+35
| |\|
| | * Small liblog test fixes & readability improvements.Alan Stokes2017-08-251-27/+35
* | | Add logd CTS tests to VTSnickrose2017-07-101-1/+1
|/ /
* | Merge "logd-unit-tests: make sure use unsigned types when reading le" am: 31f...Jaesung Chung2017-06-181-2/+6
| * logd-unit-tests: make sure use unsigned types when reading leJaesung Chung2017-06-161-2/+6
* | add component metadata tag to CTS liblog test acsesGuang Zhu2017-06-051-0/+1
* logd: test: check sepolicy background rate before testingMark Salyzyn2017-05-111-60/+82
* logd: refine permissions to access /data/system/packages.listMark Salyzyn2017-05-031-24/+50
* logd: CTS testMark Salyzyn2017-04-283-0/+96
* logd: instrument tests better for failureMark Salyzyn2017-04-171-4/+12
* logd: test: logd.sepolicy* errorsMark Salyzyn2017-04-061-7/+9
* logd: liblog benchmark check BM_log_overhead regressionMark Salyzyn2017-03-311-9/+11
* logd: specify clang formatMark Salyzyn2017-03-131-230/+227
* logd: add getEventTag id= commandMark Salyzyn2017-02-221-0/+17
* liblog: add android_lookupEventTagNumMark Salyzyn2017-02-021-1/+1
* logd: add getEventTag command and serviceMark Salyzyn2017-02-021-5/+48
* logd: multiple identical do not report expiredMark Salyzyn2017-01-241-6/+14
* logd: test: switch to /data/backup/ for sepolicy avc injectionMark Salyzyn2017-01-201-11/+17
* logd: sepolicy dynamic rate limitingMark Salyzyn2017-01-042-3/+165
* logd: gtest: logd.timeout socket does not clean up properlyMark Salyzyn2016-12-291-10/+41
* logd: record multiple duplicate messages as chattyMark Salyzyn2016-12-151-0/+99
* logd: switch to using arraysize() from libbase macrosMark Salyzyn2016-11-031-4/+5
* liblog: logd: logcat: Split out log/logger.h into public and private.Mark Salyzyn2016-10-241-2/+1
* logd: logcat: Replace log/log.h with android/log.hMark Salyzyn2016-09-301-3/+2
* logger: validate hdr_size field in logger entryMark Salyzyn2016-08-231-2/+13
* logd: sock_alloc_send_pskb starves pruningMark Salyzyn2016-02-241-0/+58
* logd: test wrap functionalityMark Salyzyn2016-01-212-8/+130
* logd: test drop __unusedMark Salyzyn2015-12-181-3/+1
* logd: test wakeup on wrap timeoutMark Salyzyn2015-12-071-0/+71
* logd: test: leniency towards background cgroupMark Salyzyn2015-12-071-1/+1
* logd: test: statistics report chatty effective percentageMark Salyzyn2015-12-071-1/+21
* logd: deprecate TARGET_USES_LOGDMark Salyzyn2015-07-282-38/+0
* logd: test modernizationMark Salyzyn2015-05-261-47/+35
* Remove LOCAL_ADDITIONAL_DEPENDENCIES in cases where it's not needed.Elliott Hughes2015-04-021-1/+0
* Revert "logd: Add minimum time bucket statistics"Mark Salyzyn2015-03-041-158/+0
* logd: fix format-extra-args warning.Chih-Hung Hsieh2014-09-121-1/+5
* logd: test: disable kernel LOGGERMark Salyzyn2014-07-101-5/+3
* logd: test: deal with spam filter turned offMark Salyzyn2014-06-181-14/+39
* logd: test: modernizeMark Salyzyn2014-06-182-10/+11
* logd: turn on -WerrorMark Salyzyn2014-05-021-3/+1
* logd: enable UID spam filter and testMark Salyzyn2014-04-251-2/+51
* liblog: Statistics truncated to 16384 bytesMark Salyzyn2014-04-211-1/+20
* logd: liblog: logcat: debuggerd: Add LOG_ID_CRASHMark Salyzyn2014-04-161-1/+1
* logd: Add logd_testMark Salyzyn2014-04-152-0/+664