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* CompatibilityMatrix::combine() combines everything correctlyYifan Hong2018-10-151-1/+4
* Add test for HalManifest::getHalNamesAndVersionsYifan Hong2018-10-041-0/+6
* Add test for multiple device matricesYifan Hong2018-09-201-0/+64
* DisabledChecks -> CheckFlags namespaceYifan Hong2018-08-081-1/+1
* SerializeFlags: Remove legacy APIsYifan Hong2018-08-081-6/+4
* SerializeFlag => SerializeFlagsYifan Hong2018-08-081-20/+20
* update kernel config suffix to .configSteve Muckle2018-07-242-6/+6
* VintfObject now provides instance methods.Yifan Hong2018-07-134-140/+160
* Allow to get <vendor-ndk><version> from matrixYifan Hong2018-05-221-0/+2
* Hide HalGroup::getHalsandroid-p-preview-3android-p-preview-2Yifan Hong2018-05-071-9/+15
* Add HalManifest::insertInstanceYifan Hong2018-05-021-1/+1
* CompatibilityMatrix::combine add <kernel> from new matricesYifan Hong2018-04-301-8/+86
* Merge "Compat if POLICYVERS <= security_policyvers()"Treehugger Robot2018-04-181-2/+2
| * Compat if POLICYVERS <= security_policyvers()Yifan Hong2018-04-161-2/+2
* | Cleanup global FileFetcherandroid-o-mr1-iot-preview-8Yifan Hong2018-04-103-45/+37
* Merge "Support for fragmented manifests."Treehugger Robot2018-04-051-0/+15
| * Support for fragmented manifests.Steven Moreland2018-04-051-0/+15
* | Always include file names in assembled xmls.Steven Moreland2018-04-051-0/+16
* assemble_vintf: Add checkUnusedHalsYifan Hong2018-03-291-0/+2
* assemble_vintf supports DEVICE_FRAMEWORK_COMPATIBILITY_MATRIX_FILESYifan Hong2018-03-271-0/+82
* regex-instance: tests for regex instancesYifan Hong2018-03-232-0/+395
* regex-instance: Fix check deprecate testYifan Hong2018-03-221-36/+28
* regex-instance: HalInterface: add regex API and hide public fieldsYifan Hong2018-03-221-5/+3
* HalManifest::getTransport uses instance API.Yifan Hong2018-03-201-0/+3
* CompatibilityMatrix::combine handles multiple instances.Yifan Hong2018-03-191-0/+197
* CompatibilityMatrix::combine also allow downrev of minor version.Yifan Hong2018-03-151-1/+1
* CompatMatrix::combine allow to use hal versions at higher FCM version.Yifan Hong2018-03-152-16/+52
* Add <fqname> to manifests.Yifan Hong2018-03-141-7/+175
* HalManifest::checkIncompatibleHals uses instances API.Yifan Hong2018-03-141-1/+1
* Tests for ManifestHal::isDisabledHalYifan Hong2018-03-141-0/+33
* Add ManifestHal::isOverride().Yifan Hong2018-03-131-2/+2
* ManifestHal: constructor fixYifan Hong2018-03-131-76/+62
* Instance is the smallest unit of manifests/matrices.Yifan Hong2018-03-122-31/+8
* Update "HALs incompatible" message with FCM versionYifan Hong2018-03-071-2/+4
* use FQName parseSteven Moreland2018-03-061-2/+1
* Add PropertyFetcher.Yifan Hong2018-03-053-9/+29
* Create libvintf_commonYifan Hong2018-03-053-12/+13
* Better error message for incompatible HALs.Yifan Hong2018-02-122-3/+106
* parse_xml.cpp: Deserilization does not touch lastError()Yifan Hong2018-02-121-6/+33
* Framework matrix set from PLATFORM_SEPOLICY_*Yifan Hong2018-02-071-1/+1
* Do not allow duplicated manifest.vendor-ndk.version.Yifan Hong2018-02-021-0/+17
* remove LIBVINTF_HOST macroYifan Hong2018-01-312-8/+8
* Add VintfObject::CheckDeprecation().android-wear-8.0.0_r1Yifan Hong2018-01-242-1/+192
* AssembleVintf: add minor revision to kernel versionYifan Hong2018-01-231-4/+5
* CompatibilityMatrix: do not write <sepolicy> and <avb> if emptyYifan Hong2018-01-231-7/+1
* Merge "Test to add new tags to manifests."Treehugger Robot2018-01-221-0/+27
| * Test to add new tags to manifests.Steven Moreland2018-01-221-0/+27
* | AssembleVintf: PRODUCT_ => PLATFORM_ for system sdk versionsYifan Hong2018-01-221-1/+1
* Load ODM manifest from /odm/etc/vintf as wellYifan Hong2018-01-191-76/+116
* VintfObject: load /vendor/etc/vintf/cm.xml before /vendor/cm.xmlYifan Hong2018-01-191-0/+3