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* Fix CCS toolchain directory pathsHEADmasterFranklin S. Cooper Jr2013-06-0613-26/+26
* av_examples: Allow CFLAGS to be overriddenFranklin S. Cooper Jr2013-05-0613-88/+45
* av_examples: Update makefiles to create required directoriesFranklin S Cooper Jr2012-08-2213-26/+52
* av_examples: Add COPYING fileFranklin S Cooper Jr2012-08-221-0/+31
* av-examples: fix compiler link errorspprakash2011-11-309-33/+41
* av_examples: Add support for CCS with new toolchainpprakash2011-11-29188-87308/+1984
* av_examples: fix top level make filepprakash2011-06-241-2/+2
* av_examples: Renamed some projects for CCSv5 buildpprakash2011-06-2426-3171/+3161
* Modified make files to use kernel header filespprakash2011-06-2170-12027/+12100
* set v4l2 ROTATE back to 0 after loopback is completepprakash2011-06-201-2/+11
* Modified Scaling applicationpprakash2011-06-201-10/+15
* Remove pre-built binariespprakash2011-06-2024-284/+0
* Fix DIRSpprakash2011-06-201-1/+1
* av_examples: Modify typo in makefilepprakash2011-06-191-1/+1
* av-examples: modify platform dependancy to machine type to reflect change i...pprakash2011-06-1713-27/+26
* av_examples: Modified makefilepprakash2011-06-161-11/+1
* av_examples: Hosting PSP video examples on GForgepprakash2011-06-16212-0/+106284
* Initial Repository Skeletonroot2011-06-090-0/+0