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* Merge pull request #5 in PROCESSOR-SDK/barcode-roi-detection from fix_segfaul...HEADmasterHongmei Gou2017-01-181-27/+29
| * Fix segmentation fault if no barcode in field of viewDjordje Senicic2017-01-181-27/+29
* Add text string in output to indicate the barcode detectionHongmei Gou2016-09-261-0/+20
* Add multiple options for static image input, camera input and live drawingDjordje Senicic2016-09-261-11/+64
* Add to build barcode-roi from SDK installerHongmei Gou2016-09-261-0/+26
* makefile: Remove unnecessary libraries and macro variablesHongmei Gou2016-09-261-5/+2
* Initial CommitDjordje Senicic2016-09-264-0/+131