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* Makefile: Take LDFLAGS set in environmentHEADmasterJacob Stiffler2015-09-161-3/+3
* Add make install error if destination directory doesn't exist.Franklin S Cooper Jr2014-02-051-0/+5
* Fix CCS toolchain directory pathsFranklin S Cooper Jr2013-06-101-4/+7
* oprofile-example: Allow CFLAGS to be overridden.Franklin S Cooper Jr2013-06-101-10/+2
* oprofile-example: Fix Makefile issuesFranklin S Cooper Jr2012-08-131-15/+14
* oprofile-example: Copy oprofile-example CCS project file from am-sysinfoFranklin S Cooper Jr2012-08-132-0/+140
* oprofile-example: Add license informationFranklin S Cooper Jr2012-08-101-0/+38
* oprofile_example: Initial CommitFranklin S Cooper Jr2012-08-102-0/+220