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* Merge pull request #2 in PROC_LIBS/mathlib from CATREQ-2702 to masterHEADmasterJianzhong Xu2019-07-311-6/+2
| * Descoping c66 big endianMahesh Radhakrishnan2019-07-221-4/+2
| * CATREQ-2702: Descoping big-endian targetMahesh Radhakrishnan2019-07-221-2/+0
* Update release notes.Jianzhong Xu2019-06-052-1/+18
* Update MATHLIB benchmarking results based on C6000 8.3.2 compiler.Jianzhong Xu2019-06-044-2667/+885
* Ignore testing results for special case when input is NaN for acoshdp,Jianzhong Xu2019-06-036-51/+30
* Update release notes.Jianzhong Xu2018-12-111-2/+3
* Renamed package information in tirex to be compatible with Xu2018-12-114-15/+23
* PRSDK-4876: fixed atan2dp overwriting unknown memory.Jianzhong Xu2018-11-281-3/+3
* Changed package name for tirex. Separated include header files into groups.Jianzhong Xu2018-11-282-248/+309
* PRSDK-4874: adding documentation in release notes on how to rebuild MATHLIB.Jianzhong Xu2018-11-202-6/+9
* PRSDK-5011: fixing TIREX metadata typos.Jianzhong Xu2018-11-153-6/+6
* Explicitly specify header files to be included in zip file.Jianzhong Xu2018-09-031-1/+254
* Added readme.txt about how to build MATHLIB from git.ti.com source.Jianzhong Xu2018-08-033-6/+45
* Updated release notes.Jianzhong Xu2018-08-021-9/+9
* Added release notes.Jianzhong Xu2018-07-311-0/+212
* MATHLIB: optimized floating-point math functions for TI DSPs.Jianzhong Xu2018-07-30615-0/+72161