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* Package 1.0.1-1HEADmasterXavier Boudet2013-03-211-0/+6
* Remove debian/patch now upstreamXavier Boudet2013-03-212-168/+0
* Update control for linux-headers-ti-omap5Xavier Boudet2013-03-211-1/+2
* Update debian/copyrightXavier Boudet2013-03-211-674/+53
* Merge branch 'upstream'Xavier Boudet2013-03-212-18/+75
| * Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/upstream-ref/master' into upstreamXavier Boudet2013-03-212-18/+75
| |\
| | * Update license.Sebastien Guiriec2013-03-201-1/+58
| | * Fix compilation on 32b machinesXavier Boudet2013-03-181-17/+17
* | | Package 1.0.0-1Xavier Boudet2013-03-131-0/+6
* | | Initial debianizationXavier Boudet2013-03-138-0/+911
|/ /
* | gitignoreVincent Stehlé2013-02-261-0/+2
* | Hack abegen.sh to take fw in local dirVincent Stehlé2013-02-261-1/+1
* Fix configure option --with-linux-dirVincent Stehlé2013-02-261-1/+1
* plugins: omap4: update according to new header files.Sebastien Guiriec2013-01-287-8/+7
* core: abi: Add ABI version to header.Liam Girdwood2012-12-061-0/+1
* uapi: Fix build for UAPI alsa headers.Liam Girdwood2012-12-063-1/+6
* asocf: core: first pass of uapi supportLiam Girdwood2012-11-304-21/+7
* core: add support for 3.7rc2+Liam Girdwood2012-11-221-0/+98
* core: equ: fix coeficient IDLiam Girdwood2012-10-081-2/+2
* core: coeffs: various fixes and cleanupsLiam Girdwood2012-10-041-37/+30
* core: tlv: Fix build errorLiam Girdwood2012-10-021-1/+1
* core: tlv: Add initial TLV supportLiam Girdwood2012-10-011-0/+70
* core: support for new mixer IDsLiam Girdwood2012-09-282-112/+120
* omap: coeffs: update for new kcontrol IDsLiam Girdwood2012-09-287-19/+25
* core: kontrols: Add support for bespoke control types.Liam Girdwood2012-09-251-10/+15
* gitignore: add new file types.Liam Girdwood2012-09-241-0/+2
* scripts: abe: Use abefw git repo for binariesLiam Girdwood2012-09-241-1/+1
* core: kcontrols: determine kcontrol typesLiam Girdwood2012-09-242-27/+49
* omap4: abe: remove MUX_UL6/7Liam Girdwood2012-09-241-12/+4
* core: ABI: Use kernel headers for all object buildsLiam Girdwood2012-09-1913-881/+261
* plugins: omap4: Use ABE headersLiam Girdwood2012-09-182-183/+4
* socfw: README: Ad more instructions for usage and build.Liam Girdwood2012-09-171-2/+24
* asoc-fw: core: Initial code importLiam Girdwood2012-09-1427-0/+3259