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* Merge remote-tracking branch 'other/master'HEADmasterPradeep Venkatasubbarao2013-09-061-8/+429
| * [DOC] Update ReadMeSaurabh Bipin Chandra2013-09-061-8/+429
* | configure.ac: Added conditional check for files existenceMrinmayee Hingolikar2013-08-291-2/+5
* | [CLNUP] Removed QNX test and MakefilesPradeep Venkatasubbarao2013-09-0620-3287/+0
* [DOC] Renamed README.txt as READMEPradeep Venkatasubbarao2013-09-061-0/+0
* [LIBDCE] Update .gitignoreBuddy Liong2013-09-051-0/+3
* [GIT] Add gitignore fileSaurabh Bipin Chandra2013-09-051-0/+34
* [LIBDCE] Update packages with XDAIS, FC HeadersSaurabh Bipin Chandra2013-09-057-0/+871
* [QNX-MAKE] QNX Build system changesSaurabh Bipin Chandra2013-09-055-45/+17
* [TRACE] Debug Log levels enabledSathishkumar2013-09-053-17/+26
* [LINUX] Fix for make installSathishkumar2013-09-0510-70/+79
* [LIBDCE] Add function descriptor in libdce header fileSaurabh Bipin Chandra2013-09-052-13/+29
* [QNX-MAKE] Include XDC, CE, XDAIS, IVAHD Headers from packagesSaurabh Bipin Chandra2013-09-052-18/+87
* [LIBDCE] Added codec, xdais and xdctools headersSunita Nadampalli2013-09-0530-4/+22114
* [LIBDCE] Mutual exclusion of Engine_open and Engine_closeSaurabh Bipin Chandra2013-09-052-9/+24
* [QNX-MAKE] Exclude linux/android specific filesSaurabh Bipin Chandra2013-09-051-1/+1
* [LINUX] Moving Linux specific functions to new c fileSaurabh Bipin Chandra2013-09-055-107/+138
* [LINUX] Expose dce_init and dce_deinit calls to userSaurabh Bipin Chandra2013-09-052-57/+89
* [LINUX] Expose API to lock and Unlock IO BuffersSaurabh Bipin Chandra2013-09-042-7/+73
* [DCE] Align MmRpc offset setting with GLP Rpmsg_rpcSaurabh Bipin Chandra2013-09-041-6/+6
* [GLP] Enable DMA Buf HandleSaurabh Bipin Chandra2013-08-303-33/+83
* [LIBDCE] Adding dce_enc_testBuddy Liong2013-08-3013-99/+1801
* [LINUX] X11 and Wayland Support removedSathishkumar2013-08-296-466/+3
* [MEMPLUGIN] Modify memplugin_share() implementation for QNXSaurabh Bipin Chandra2013-08-271-2/+2
* [GLP] Libdce linux implementationSathishkumar2013-08-2712-28/+820
* [DCE] Modify approach to pass parameters to IPCSaurabh Bipin Chandra2013-08-272-195/+75
* [MAKE] Exclude Linux files for QNX buildSaurabh Bipin Chandra2013-08-271-0/+3
* [LIBDCE] Update XDC ToolsSaurabh Bipin Chandra2013-08-271-1/+1
* [LIBDCE] Remove MmRpc translation param baseSaurabh Bipin Chandra2013-06-191-2/+0
* [MAKEFILE] Update ToolsSaurabh Bipin Chandra2013-06-191-4/+4
* [Dce_Test] Enable MPEG2 Decoder in dce_test appSaurabh Bipin Chandra2013-05-231-16/+16
* Fix to pass right translation param to IPC.Saurabh Bipin Chandra2013-05-231-1/+1
* Add Header declaration for MemHeaderSaurabh Bipin Chandra2013-05-232-28/+10
* Enable build of dce_test app with IPC 3.17Saurabh Bipin Chandra2013-05-231-1/+1
* [LIBDCE] Remove check for error_code in Engine_openSaurabh Bipin Chandra2013-05-231-1/+0
* [DCE_TEST] Add Input argument to take in number of frames to write.Saurabh Bipin Chandra2013-05-102-27/+33
* [libDCE] Add IPC 3.x Adapted code to RepositorySaurabh Bipin Chandra2013-04-2621-0/+2906