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* Converted to BSD-3 licenseHEADreview_subhajit_licensemasterSubhajit Paul2020-07-091-339/+37
* Updated SW logic to reflect sysfw path changes in remoteproc due to 2020 LTS ...Kedar Chitnis2020-05-211-14/+15
* add GPLv2 licenseSubhajit Paul2019-07-101-0/+339
* Bugfix: wrong print format for uintSubhajit Paul2019-07-031-1/+1
* feature: rproc_char_endpt_get_local_portSubhajit Paul2019-07-022-0/+67
* bugfix: sysfs file adds newline to nameSubhajit Paul2019-07-021-1/+1
* prevent local_port query using RPMSG_ADDR_ANYSubhajit Paul2019-07-021-1/+8
* fix gcc warningsSubhajit Paul2019-07-021-5/+3
* initial commit: workingSubhajit Paul2019-03-276-0/+829