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* Added GPLv2 licenseHEADmasterSubhajit Paul2019-07-101-42/+324
* feature_en: enumerate plane zpos for virtual planes as wellSubhajit Paul2019-07-041-1/+34
* use r5fss0_core1 and endpoint 27, in sync with the firmwareSubhajit Paul2019-07-041-2/+2
* feature_en: take DRM card name as arg, or use built-in optionSubhajit Paul2019-07-041-2/+15
* use a 1080p monitor, content in vertical middleSubhajit Paul2019-07-041-2/+2
* feature_en: use a middle buffer as queue writes buffer ASA its availableSubhajit Paul2019-07-041-1/+3
* bugfix: print supplied dev_fname on errorSubhajit Paul2019-07-041-1/+1
* initSubhajit Paul2019-03-271353-0/+135758