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* egl-multi-thread: Add example application for multi-threaded EGLHEADmasterSubhajit Paul2018-04-1013-0/+1756
* Remove eglPixmap and eglImage applicationsAnand Balagopalakrishnan2018-04-107-1446/+0
* Add README file and call out disclaimers / set expectationsAnand Balagopalakrishnan2018-04-101-0/+14
* remove gbm header files from applicationAnand Balagopalakrishnan2016-02-065-463/+4
* Added EGL Fence supportSubhajit Paul2015-08-191-3/+45
* added DRA7xx specific pixmap exampleSubhajit Paul2015-08-184-0/+498
* removing omap3 specific eglPixmap exampleSubhajit Paul2015-08-186-667/+0
* Move the texture2D operation to the vertex shaderAnand Balagopalakrishnan2014-09-091-1/+6
* eglimage: Fix memory alignment to PAGE_SIZEDaniel Levin2014-09-041-1/+1
* Support for 2x2 matrix of NV12 buffersAnand Balagopalakrishnan2014-06-271-29/+69
* Fixed the t-coordinate inversionAnand Balagopalakrishnan2014-06-251-2/+2
* Fixed a bug for calculating size of video buffer in case of a file readAnand Balagopalakrishnan2014-06-251-2/+2
* Fixed the texture coordinates to map the entire texture to rectangleAnand Balagopalakrishnan2014-06-251-6/+25
* Add support for reading YUV buffer from a fileAnand Balagopalakrishnan2014-06-251-6/+30
* Updated the readme file for Jacinto6Anand Balagopalakrishnan2014-06-141-10/+13
* EGLImage example for Jacinto6 with DRMAnand Balagopalakrishnan2014-06-145-47/+788
* Update the directory names and remove 'test'Anand Balagopalakrishnan2013-11-199-0/+0
* gfx-apps : Adding eglimage and pixmap unit testsomap3Prathap MS2013-11-189-0/+1200