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* [MPEG4D] Codec Update Prashanth Kumar2018-06-0112-27/+27
| | | | | | | | | | | Codec Name: MPEG4 Decoder Codec Version: The updated codec information: * MPEG4D version fix PSDKLA-4135 MPEG4 decoder hangs for a corrupted stream. Change-Id: I420aba8108c5160fe107159f09aaeb4038f75889 Signed-off-by: Amai Prashanth Kumar <x0270680@ti.com>
* [MPEG4D] Codec Update Prashanth Kumar2017-12-1224-890/+928
| | | | | | | | | | | | Codec Name: MPEG4 Decoder Codec Version: The updated codec information: * Issue with FLUSH during Dynamic Resolution change. Change-Id: I3ea738f47a8014208db3446c05450ff4d631900d Signed-off-by: Amai Prashanth Kumar <x0270680@ti.com>
* First ipumm component to public git.ti.com3.00.09.00Buddy Liong2017-10-0251-0/+5742
ipumm component is part of TI Multimedia component to utilize Hardware Video Accelerated Video codecs in IVA-HD. It contains the server side of Distributed Codec Engine to utilize the HW codecs. The client side of ipumm is libdce and it is currently held publically at http://git.omapzoom.org/?p=repo/libdce.git;a=summary ipumm component was previously maintained privately; only customers with NDA were able to get the source code. This is the first release of ipumm to public at git.ti.com The license and software manifest for this ipumm component is included at the top level of directory: software license: SRAS 2087-308454-v1-IPUMM_TSPA_License.pdf software manifest: Texas_Instruments_ipumm_Manifest.pdf For internal reference: Original repo is maintained in gerrit.ext.ti.com/gerrit/omap Project name: ipumm The last TAG version before moving to git.ti.com is This first ipumm component will be tag the same as Signed-off-by: Buddy Liong <buddy.liong@ti.com>