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am65x,am65x_sr2: rm-cfg: Fix Main NavSS IR outputs after ABI 3.0
The Main NavSS IR on AM65x SoCs has a total of 152 output interrupt lines, out of which the first 16 are reserved for System Firmware. The ABI 3.0 resource updates have assigned all the remaining IR output lines to the A53 host context HOST_ID_A53_2, which is wrong. The Main NavSS IR also supports some interrupt lines for the MCU R5F cores (connected through MAIN2MCU LVL IR) and for each of the 3 ICSSG subsystems. Fix up the Main NavSS IR outputs properly by adding resources for each of the processor subsystems. The output lines [120:127] are split equally for each of the MCU R5F cores (to support Split-mode), leaving only 104 usable interrupts for the A53 core. The output lines [128:151] are associated with the ICSSG subsystems. Signed-off-by: Suman Anna <s-anna@ti.com>
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