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* Merge pull request #5 in PROCESSOR-SDK/ipc-transport from CATREQ-2702 to masterHEADDEV.IPC-TRANSPORT. Nelson S2019-08-066-58/+10
| * CATREQ-2702: Descoping c6x big-endianMahesh Radhakrishnan2019-01-106-58/+10
* Merge pull request #4 in PROCESSOR-SDK/ipc-transport from PRSDK-4962 to masterDEV.PROCESSOR-SDK. Sobota2018-12-031-40/+41
| * buildlib: Add .interfaces dependence on interface header file for srioSam Nelson2018-12-031-40/+41
* | Merge pull request #3 in PROCESSOR-SDK/ipc-transport from PRSDK-4962 to masterJustin Sobota2018-11-301-40/+41
| * buildlib: Add .interfaces dependence on interface header fileSam Nelson2018-11-291-40/+41
* Merge pull request #2 in PROCESSOR-SDK/ipc-transport from PRSDK-4300 to masterMahesh Radhakrishnan2018-11-022-4/+4
| * PRSDK-4300: Corrected XDC package versionM V Pratap Reddy2018-10-302-4/+4
* Merge pull request #1 in PROCESSOR-SDK/ipc-transport from PRSDK-4609 to masterMahesh Radhakrishnan2018-10-182-2/+4
| * buildlib.xs: Add .interfaces dependency for individual librariesSam Nelson2018-09-142-2/+4
* Fixed failure in C6657 TransportSrio Benchmark exampleDEV.PROCESSOR-SDK. Sobota2015-12-151-2/+34
* Cleanup minor failures in test projectsJustin Sobota2015-12-102-1/+9
* TransportSrio: Resolved errors in LE c6657 benchmark and multiboard examplesJustin Sobota2015-12-109-28/+44
* TransportQmss: Resolved errors in LE c6657 benchmark exampleJustin Sobota2015-12-102-2/+10
* TransportSrio: Benchmark and Producer/Consumer tests now function in ARM NO B...Justin Sobota2015-12-0714-54/+80
* TransportQmss: Benchmark tests now function in ARM NO BOOT (No Linux) mode by...Justin Sobota2015-12-077-22/+35
* TransportSrio: Added K1 support to examples and resolved SDOCM00118774Justin Sobota2015-12-074-20/+148
* Disable MPM download for projects run in automated framework so prints are vi...Justin Sobota2015-12-049-9/+9
* TransportSrio: Resolved SRIO SERDES configurations errors for C6678Justin Sobota2015-12-031-2/+51
* TransportQmss: Fixed race condition and QPEND initialization failures in benc...Justin Sobota2015-12-032-12/+32
* TransportQmss: Add K2L heterogeneous processor testJustin Sobota2015-12-032-0/+171
* Aligned K1 test and example .cfg files with IPC Sobota2015-12-028-0/+72
* Updated test and example source to support K1 & K2Justin Sobota2015-12-023-7/+119
* Aligned testa and example .cfgs with IPC Sobota2015-12-0212-24/+72
* TransportSrio: Added K1 examplesJustin Sobota2015-11-2312-0/+810
* TransportQmss: Removed option for MPM download since no ARM on supported K1 d...Justin Sobota2015-11-232-52/+6
* TransportSrio: Added K1 supportJustin Sobota2015-11-236-0/+182
* TransportQmss: Updated RNJustin Sobota2015-11-232-0/+0
* fixed syntax error in config.bldJustin Sobota2015-11-201-1/+1
* Add c6657 & c6678 supportJustin Sobota2015-11-2012-8/+653
* Cleanup doxyfilesJustin Sobota2015-11-192-146/+2044
* Aligned transport projects with PROCSDK pdkProjectCreate specsJustin Sobota2015-11-1912-0/+0
* TransportSrio: Add version fileJustin Sobota2015-11-191-0/+100
* TransportQmss: Minor package cleanup and RN updateJustin Sobota2015-11-194-2/+2
* TransportSrio: Add makefile and device-dependent library supportJustin Sobota2015-11-1916-255/+1401
* TransportQmss: Added makefile support and device-dependent library supportJustin Sobota2015-11-1916-254/+1577
* QMSS transport: add support for adding subdirectory files to release packageJustin Sobota2015-11-126-6/+192
* SRIO tranpsort: include example files in release packageJustin Sobota2015-11-121-0/+53
* SRIO transport: add subdirectory files to release packageJustin Sobota2015-11-121-2/+20
* SRIO transport: add ability to add subdirectories to release packageJustin Sobota2015-11-123-0/+110
* srio transport: add additional docs to pkgJustin Sobota2015-11-121-1/+4
* Modifications for Yocto buildJustin Sobota2015-11-112-2/+2
* Merge mcsdk-transport repo's c66 IPC transports into ipc-transport repoJustin Sobota2015-11-1056-0/+15684
| * Removed RM GRL and policy memory placement from heterogeneous processor test....Justin Sobota2015-11-062-12/+0
| * TransportQmss: Added K2E support to DSP endpoint of heterogeneous processor testJustin Sobota2015-11-064-1/+181
| * Comment cleanup in device_srioJustin Sobota2015-09-041-9/+10
| * SDOCM00117948 fixArun2015-08-121-8/+10
| * Fixed compilation warnings in example device_srio.cJustin Sobota2015-07-231-1/+10
| * Removed IpcStartup image. No longer needed since IPC can now start on Linux ...Justin Sobota2015-07-219-941/+0
| * TransportQmss/Srio: updated RNJustin Sobota2015-07-174-0/+0