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* CATREQ-2702: Descoping c6x big-endian targetsHEADDEV.FAULT_MGMT. Radhakrishnan2019-01-113-29/+5
* Documentation and version updates for procsdk 5.0 releaseDEV.PROCESSOR-SDK. Raja M2018-07-173-1/+1
* PRSDK-2194: Added RULES_MAKE macroM V Pratap Reddy2018-07-111-1/+10
* Update RNDEV.FAULT_MGMT. Sobota2015-12-142-0/+0
* Sync remoteproc xdc configurationJustin Sobota2015-12-144-8/+20
* Fixed compilation errors for K2E/L testsJustin Sobota2015-12-142-2/+0
* Resolved SDOCM00120268Justin Sobota2015-12-112-0/+12
* Include string.h for NULL defJustin Sobota2015-11-195-5/+19
* Packaging cleanup and update of RNJustin Sobota2015-11-198-23/+28
* Modified project.txt files to align with new pdkProjectCreate specsJustin Sobota2015-11-197-16/+0
* Fixed K2HK inclusion of AIFJustin Sobota2015-11-181-2/+2
* AIF2 headers and objects only used for K2HKJustin Sobota2015-11-172-0/+6
* device independent lib not support at the moment. enable device dependent li...Justin Sobota2015-11-172-53/+56
* device-dependent library cleanupJustin Sobota2015-11-172-5/+5
* src Module.xs fixJustin Sobota2015-11-171-1/+1
* device-dependent library updates for YoctoJustin Sobota2015-11-177-203/+455
* Updates to enable Yocto parallel buildJustin Sobota2015-11-172-15/+18
* Initial commit.DEV.FAULT_MGMT. Sivarajan2015-06-2995-0/+27760