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* NOTICE OF RELOCATIONHEADmasterJacob Stiffler2019-10-311-0/+6
* PRSDK-7225: Fixing the payload check for loading Packet to DMAREL.PDK.J7. Radhakrishnan2019-10-132-5/+2
* Doxygen fixesMahesh Radhakrishnan2019-10-122-56/+18
* kw_fixesREL.PDK.J7. Radhakrishnan2019-10-071-1/+1
* Klocwork fixes for v0 driverMahesh Radhakrishnan2019-10-071-40/+74
* PRSDK-6460: Fixing doxygen issuesREL.PDK.J7. Radhakrishnan2019-10-039-419/+63
* Klocwork fixes on J7Mahesh Radhakrishnan2019-10-022-7/+5
* Klocwork Fixes for J7/AM65xREL.PDK.J7. Radhakrishnan2019-10-016-408/+616
* 6.1 doc/ver updateMahesh Radhakrishnan2019-09-294-2/+2
* PDK-2666: c++ build fixREL.PDK.J7. Konnur2019-09-252-5/+5
* PRSDK-7097: Assigning .text to DDR_0 to fit the examples in memoryMahesh Radhakrishnan2019-09-241-3/+1
* PRSDK-6302: Updates for KW fixes done on OSALMahesh Radhakrishnan2019-09-131-1/+1
* PDK-2879: Added digital audio example for J7 EVM infotaiment boardREL.PDK.J7. Reddy2019-07-096-6/+292
* PDK-2851: Added analog audio loopback test for J7 EVM infotainment boardREL.PDK.J7. Reddy2019-07-055-1/+121
* PDK-4278: Fix for Board control API failure for IO Expander configPratap Reddy2019-07-041-91/+15
* McASP loopback task statically createdREL.PDK.J7. Molfetta2019-06-242-25/+11
* Cleaning up Board_control hackStephen Molfetta2019-06-241-23/+27
* Reverting buffer size changeStephen Molfetta2019-06-241-2/+1
* Forcing ring size alignmentStephen Molfetta2019-06-241-6/+7
* Converting C66x IntrRouter config to use SYSFWStephen Molfetta2019-06-241-38/+18
* Using default OSAL MMU functionStephen Molfetta2019-06-241-138/+3
* Selecting NAVSS instance based on CPUStephen Molfetta2019-06-241-7/+4
* Converting clock mux config to use SYSFW APIStephen Molfetta2019-06-241-187/+11
* Changing to Sciclient Clocking calls - WIP.Danny Jochelson2019-06-241-0/+76
* Removed RX/TX channel workaround for C66 build.Danny Jochelson2019-06-241-0/+2
* Audio Loopback functional on MCU Cortex R5F.Danny Jochelson2019-06-242-9/+31
* Cleaned example makefiles.Danny Jochelson2019-06-243-2/+6
* Removing setting unneeded IO Exp signalStephen Molfetta2019-06-241-3/+4
* Updating IO exp init codeStephen Molfetta2019-06-241-25/+97
* TMP: C66x CTRL MMR config through VA/RATStephen Molfetta2019-06-241-16/+28
* Adding I2C IO Expander configurationStephen Molfetta2019-06-243-5/+32
* Updating clock selection for EVMStephen Molfetta2019-06-241-1/+16
* Updating McASP configuration for EVMStephen Molfetta2019-06-242-202/+75
* Modifying McASP instance for EVMStephen Molfetta2019-06-242-28/+20
* 6.0 doc/ver updateMahesh Radhakrishnan2019-06-244-4/+4
* PRSDK-4730: enable testing of mcaspControlChan by default in McASP LLD unit testJianzhong Xu2019-06-171-20/+20
* PRSDK-4453 Addressing review commentsSinthu Raja M2019-06-087-338/+62
* PRSDK-4453 Add SMP enabled support for A53 and A15 coreSinthu Raja M2019-06-085-7/+349
* Fixed I2C dependency for J7 board includeSivaraj R2019-05-203-5/+5
* PDK-4085: Add j721e_evm build supportREL.PDK.J7. R2019-04-161-2/+2
* Fixing McASP initialization errorREL.PDK.J7. Molfetta2019-03-192-5/+6
* Fixing Audio loopback build error from AIC headerStephen Molfetta2019-03-192-4/+5
* Release notes & documentation updateMahesh Radhakrishnan2019-03-194-4/+4
* Adding support for C66x 1/2REL.PDK.J7. Molfetta2019-03-182-1/+61
* Merge pull request #110 in PROCESSOR-SDK/mcasp-lld from kedarc_updates to masterREL.PDK.J7. R2019-03-061-0/+1
| * Added .gitignore to ignore generated filesKedar Chitnis2019-03-051-0/+1
* Merge pull request #108 in PROCESSOR-SDK/mcasp-lld from PDK-2396_Adding-A72 t...Sivaraj R2019-03-049-130/+161
| * Supporting A72 buildStephen Molfetta2019-03-049-130/+161
| * Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// i...Stephen Molfetta2019-03-049-17/+9
| |\ | |/ |/|
* | Merge pull request #107 in PROCESSOR-SDK/mcasp-lld from PDK-2396_R5f-only_HOT...Mahesh Radhakrishnan2019-03-011-1/+1
|\ \