Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Update remaining CSL lib pathsJustin Sobota2016-05-132-2/+2
* examples: removed pre-compiled files in gitIvan Pang2015-12-084-16/+0
* c66x: added makefiles and update scripts for examplesIvan Pang2015-12-0826-8/+660
* BM 2.1.3: Moved K1 build scripts to CGT 7.4.4Justin Sobota2013-10-226-6/+6
* updated the CGT version in the bootloader scriptsDEV.MCSDK- Zhou2013-05-246-6/+6
* reverted previous changeDEV.MCSDK- Smith2013-05-161-4/+4
* Updated Keystone2 PDK name in .cprojectsCasey Smith2013-05-161-4/+4
* MCSDK 3.0: update srio/pcie boot exampls scriptsHao Zhang2013-02-142-2/+2
* MCSDK 3.0: fix srioboot example build errorHao Zhang2013-02-081-1/+1
* MCSDK 3.0: remove boot examples evmk2k projects, add evmk2h projects.Hao Zhang2013-02-0710-12/+12
* MCSDK 3.0: update CGT version to fix boot example build errorDEV.MCSDK- Zhang2013-01-212-2/+2
* MCSDK 3.0: update project files for CCS 5.3 for Alpha-6 releaseDEV.SC-MCSDK- Zhang2013-01-112-35/+40
* MCSDK 3.0: add boot examples to support evmk2k deviceHao Zhang2012-11-1910-3/+382
* Updated .sh and .bat scripts for 7.4Ivan Pang2012-08-105-5/+5
* updated to CGT 7.4.0Jingting Zhou2012-08-063-73/+76
* Revert "updated to CGT 7.4.0"Jingting Zhou2012-08-0112-90/+72
* updated to CGT 7.4.0Jingting Zhou2012-07-3112-72/+90
* Merged from mcsdk-210Ivan Pang2012-07-0313-86/+94
| * Chmod +x on .sh filesIvan Pang2012-06-223-0/+0
| * Updated boot examples for mcsdk 2.1Ivan Pang2012-06-224-25/+28
| * Updated cgt version for pcie and srio scriptsIvan Pang2012-06-221-1/+1
| * Updated with 2.0.9 projectsIvan Pang2012-06-2010-0/+377
| * Updated rtsc componentsIvan Pang2012-06-042-2/+2
| * Updated to use CGT 7.4.0B2 for .sh and .bat scriptsIvan Pang2012-06-044-4/+4
| * Updated to CGT 7.4.0B2Ivan Pang2012-06-048-56/+55
| * .cproject update for integration issuesIvan Pang2012-02-032-48/+50
| * temp updateSajesh Kumar Saran2012-02-036-4/+6
| * temp commit cgt pdk updateSajesh Kumar Saran2012-02-036-58/+60
* | Correcting for Gauss SRIOIvan Pang2012-05-091-2/+2
* | Updates for SRIO boot examples for GaussIvan Pang2012-05-0910-0/+377
* | Updating projects for BIOS MCSDK 2.0.9Ivan Pang2012-05-022-2/+2
* | Staging for BIOS MCSDK releaseIvan Pang2012-04-032-2/+2
* | Updated projects for 2.0.7Ivan Pang2012-03-142-2/+2
* | Verion updates: MCSDK, PDK, CGT 7.3.1Ivan Pang2011-12-166-8/+8
* Use CGT 7.2.4 instead of CCS's versionIvan Pang2011-11-212-2/+2
* Modified example and writer projects for CCS 5.1Ivan Pang2011-11-186-36/+50
* Update BIOS to and XDC to Kumar Saran2011-11-142-2/+2
* srioboot script changed to ~/ti directoryIvan Pang2011-11-092-2/+2
* version update for mcsdk 2.0.5Sajesh Kumar Saran2011-11-072-2/+2
* updated the ccs projects for bios mcsdk 2.0.4 releaseAravind Batni2011-10-132-2/+2
* updated the CCS projects for latest eclipse plugins for release of b...DEV.BIOS.MCSDK. Batni2011-09-202-2/+2
* updated the sample shell scripts for using the cgt 7.2.4 for boot loader exam...Aravind Batni2011-09-203-3/+3
* updated the ccs projects for buildDEV.BIOS.MCSDK. Batni2011-09-022-2/+2
* Changed the CGT version from 7.3.0 to 7.2.4 in tools project filesHao Zhang2011-08-221-1/+1
* added the linux shell scripts for boot loader examplesAravindBatni2011-08-222-0/+44
* updated CCS projects for bios mcsdk 2.0.2Aravind Batni2011-08-182-52/+58
* updated the CCS projects for updated PDK/XDC/BIOS/CGTDEV.BIOS.MCSDK. Batni2011-07-132-62/+60
* Updates for GA releaseDEV.BIOS.MCSDK. Zhang2011-06-279-21/+74
* Added C6670 SRIO boot projects, updated tools projects to use the latest PDK ...Hao Zhang2011-06-238-1/+307
* Added EMAC loopback support and updated projects to use resource managerHao Zhang2011-06-212-3/+25