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* mcsdk_3.2.0:Ming Wei2015-09-168-19/+24
* update to Platform Library 00.06: header file updatesMing Wei2015-03-313-0/+0
* update to platform library 00.05Ming Wei2015-02-258-0/+35
* program_evm: UPdate for k2l & k2eSam Nelson2014-04-1010-0/+70
* Added NAND image, updated user guideCasey Smith2013-04-091-1/+2
* Updated User GuideDEV.MCSDK- Smith2013-03-268-8/+8
* Updated NOR writer to align memoryCasey Smith2013-03-251-1/+1
* Added evmk2h to program_evmCasey Smith2013-03-208-0/+55
* Added 6657 flash writers and postIvan Pang2012-05-085-0/+34
* program_evm: re-add platforms supported by linux-c6x / Linux MCSDKBill Mills2011-12-0216-0/+122
* Moved program_evm to mcsdk-toolsIvan Pang2011-11-2210-0/+68