Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* pa: k2: fix the run-time exception issueDEV.PA_LLD. Zhang2015-12-091-0/+2
* pa: k2h: add csl cpsw/sgmii/serdes files to PCapTest ARM projectHao Zhang2015-12-091-0/+6
* parse1.p remove unused code and commentsEric Ruei2015-12-073-20/+13
* paver.h: version Ruei2015-12-071-2/+2
* Classify untagged packets as packets with valnId = 0.Eric Ruei2015-12-0748-165/+165
* Add -DSOC_XXX on top of -DDEVICE_XXXEric Ruei2015-12-041-4/+4
* Merge branch 'master' of Ruei2015-11-247-1/+4833
| * pa: k2hk: fix ARM emac example build errorHao Zhang2015-11-241-1/+7
| * pa: test: add missing armv7 bios test source to fix build errorHao Zhang2015-11-246-0/+4826
* | Clean up example/test code and projects for K1 device supportEric Ruei2015-11-2412-162/+33
* added nss_device file for C6678EA.PA_LLD. Batni2015-11-101-0/+245
* add new API to support get the virtual link ID from handleAravind Batni2015-11-1054-53/+124
* fixed warningsAravind Batni2015-11-054-18/+20
* added k2e to build targetAravind Batni2015-10-281-0/+7
* fixed case sensitive issue for Module.xs in fwAravind Batni2015-10-261-0/+0
* support default of all SoC builds when no XDCARGS providedAravind Batni2015-10-231-11/+1
* support XDCARGS such that ARM libs are not built for C6678Aravind Batni2015-10-232-83/+126
* merged k2 rtos branch to support keystone devicesAravind Batni2015-10-2289-10600/+15646
| * pa: keystone 2: add A15 lib and test/examples for Keystone II devicesHao Zhang2015-10-1591-10674/+15698
* | support for keystone1 addedAravind Batni2015-10-194-4/+4
* | CCS project support for C6678 addedAravind Batni2015-10-1912-62/+2449
* | deleted autogen makefileAravind Batni2015-10-191-98/+0
* | removed firmware build from xdc release,added build scripts to build the fw l...Aravind Batni2015-10-124-4/+140
* | align pa build against proc sdk cslAravind Batni2015-10-094-8/+28
* SDOCM00118367 fixDEV.PA_LLD.
* fixed documentation errorAravind Batni2015-08-181-2/+2
* SDOCM00117941 fixArun2015-07-315-96/+76
* supress GCC warning for maybe-uninitialized and allow other tools to catch un...Aravind Batni2015-07-311-0/+22
* updated PA CCS projects to support single cpsw_mgmt source fileDEV.PA_LLD. Batni2015-07-2210-13/+39
* Align PCapUnitTest application to common cpsw_mgmt.c fileAravind Batni2015-07-204-4/+4
* updated firmware commentsAravind Batni2015-07-201-3/+5
* User Mode application clean up for cpswAravind Batni2015-07-174-1/+23
* Updated Linux unitTest with new RM Server socket interfaceAravind Batni2015-07-1613-166/+24
* removed duplicate definitions in multicore_example.hAravind Batni2015-07-161-4/+7
* Aligned pa examples to use common cpsw_mgmt.cAravind Batni2015-07-1617-942/+92
* updated Release notesAravind Batni2015-07-142-0/+0
* updated pa v1 firmware to support cmdSet processing Rx from QoS in Egress PDSPAravind Batni2015-07-1436-1245/+1403
* updated pa v1 firmware for CRC checks when offset exceeds SoPAravind Batni2015-07-079-340/+353
* updated Release notes for PA Batni2015-07-072-0/+0
* Fixed TxCmd Protection in next Route during Egress Pkt CaptureAravind Batni2015-07-0214-18/+9
* fixed paDebugInfo for k2lAravind Batni2015-07-024-10/+18
* fixed register allocation for TxCmd Protect and CRC follow PayloadAravind Batni2015-07-0126-678/+892
* fixed firmware for ip fragmentation and tx cmd protectionAravind Batni2015-06-2623-521/+617
* updated RNAravind Batni2015-06-172-0/+0
* reverted TxCmd Protection firmware change as the reg allocation clashes with ...Aravind Batni2015-06-1715-472/+415
* updated the relase notesAravind Batni2015-06-162-0/+0
* updated the heap and task stack sizesAravind Batni2015-06-153-4/+4
* support SPI with link for Gen1 devicesAravind Batni2015-06-1517-85/+512
* updated PA makefiles to have a common device shared object lib nameAravind Batni2015-06-0814-1/+1
* added protection for TxCmd boundaryAravind Batni2015-06-0824-687/+1135