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* PRSDK-3190: Added support for AM574x SoCSinthu Raja M2017-11-141-0/+11
* enabling makefile infrastructure lib buildSuraj Das2016-05-311-0/+3
* add soclib/soc file to all projects, and k2x arm projectsJohn Dowdal2016-03-031-4/+4
* K2G works with ARM and DSP using EDMA and CPUJohn Dowdal2016-03-021-1/+1
* k2g hand merge worksJohn Dowdal2016-02-261-0/+11
* build support for keystone1 libs addedAravind Batni2015-10-191-0/+22
* sync with latest device library implementation from uartJohn Dowdal2015-09-081-207/+236
* Build script enhancements to support new target M4 and A15Eric Ruei2015-05-291-16/+105
* am572x a15 and c66 projects workJohn Dowdal2015-05-131-4/+4
* dsp example works on am572xJohn Dowdal2015-05-111-4/+6
* refactor for v0/v1 and run on k2hJohn Dowdal2015-04-091-2/+2
* build device-specific librariesDEV.PCIE_LLD. Ruei2014-05-061-0/+13
* add debug flag -mn -gEric Ruei2014-04-271-1/+8
* Commited by migration scriptDEV.PCIE_LLD. Qian2012-07-241-0/+0
* initial commitMartin Qian2012-07-031-0/+101