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* PRSDK-3850 : enable MSI and Legacy interrupts for A53 on AM65xx.John Dowdal2019-03-051-64/+5
* PRSDK-4664 : several integration bugsJohn Dowdal2018-09-141-8/+8
* PRSDK-3849 rev 2 (am65xx) tested with makefile example. Other revs library b...John Dowdal2018-09-1221-47/+10989
* Fix PRSDK-1805: Updates for cplusplus_buildTinku Mannan2017-03-212-27/+27
* PRSDK-1501: works, overwriting bits from hack in previous commitJohn Dowdal2016-11-292-38/+8
* klocwork fix 1 for misra_return_not_last PRSDK-1201Suraj Das2016-09-143-2068/+2112
* Klocwork & Misra-C fixes (PRSDK-839 & PRSDK-781)Suraj Das2016-07-282-5/+8
* updated copyrights for make scriptsSuraj Das2016-06-171-5/+0
* enabling makefile infrastructure lib buildSuraj Das2016-05-312-33/+57
* copyright and crucible review updatesSuraj Das2016-03-1111-11/+11
* klcowork fixes for 2.0.2Suraj Das2016-03-091-2/+2
* Merge branch 'm4'John Dowdal2016-03-025-3/+117
| * make m4 workJohn Dowdal2016-02-165-4/+118
* | k2g hand merge worksJohn Dowdal2016-02-262-3/+13
* | am5x changes broke v0 hw (k1/k2) version 2 : sdocm00121387Suraj Das2016-02-231-3/+6
* | am5x changes broke v0 hw (k1/k2) : sdocm00121387John Dowdal2016-02-222-19/+25
* enabling benchmarking on pcieSuraj Das2015-12-101-0/+2
* SDOCM00119119 add missing registers PM/MSI and remove direct pokesJohn Dowdal2015-11-305-26/+336
* Klocwork/Misra-C fixesSuraj Das2015-11-0416-1141/+1225
* sync with latest device library implementation from uartJohn Dowdal2015-09-081-20/+34
* klocwork issue fixesSuraj Das2015-08-2414-121/+121
* add msi/legacy interrupts to example, and add fast access to registers requir...John Dowdal2015-08-203-5/+169
* Build script enhancements to support new target M4 and A15Eric Ruei2015-05-291-10/+9
* am572x a15 and c66 projects workJohn Dowdal2015-05-131-2/+12
* sync to latest cslJohn Dowdal2015-05-111-16/+16
* dsp example works on am572xJohn Dowdal2015-05-1112-3159/+421
* clean permissionsJohn Dowdal2015-05-0410-0/+0
* complete rev 1 registers and doxygenJohn Dowdal2015-05-048-3657/+2092
* all regs defined except pl_confJohn Dowdal2015-04-2414-4/+12441
* reorg cslJohn Dowdal2015-04-125-45/+31
* refactor for v0/v1 and run on k2hJohn Dowdal2015-04-099-2505/+2934
* build device-specific librariesDEV.PCIE_LLD. Ruei2014-05-061-8/+21
* fix Pcie_setMode so it doesn't depend on deviceJohn Dowdal2013-01-301-13/+121
* remove requirement for cslr_device.h by using a device\pcie_device.cJohn Dowdal2013-01-305-16/+57
* Temporary workaround to fix PCIE errors as LLD is using device specific CSLsDEV.PCIE_LLD. Gaadiwala2012-10-152-2/+5
* Commited by migration scriptDEV.PCIE_LLD. Qian2012-07-273-3/+3
* Commited by migration scriptDEV.PCIE_LLD. Qian2012-07-246-0/+0
* initial commitMartin Qian2012-07-223-3/+3
* initial commitMartin Qian2012-07-036-0/+7164