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* NOTICE OF RELOCATIONHEADmasterJacob Stiffler2019-10-311-0/+6
* PRSDK-6273: Align MMCSD soc c source to align to CSL define updates for PG1 b...Aravind Batni2019-10-231-14/+14
* PRSDK-7219: Fix for J7 SBL boot failure with non-UHS SD cardsM V Pratap Reddy2019-10-131-2/+6
* Static analysis fixes for v1 driverDEV.MMCSD_LLD. Radhakrishnan2019-10-071-97/+172
* osal: PRSDK-7114: fix syntax errorREL.PDK.J7. Zhang2019-10-041-13/+13
* osal: PRSDK-7114: enable SBL APP image gen only for K3 devicesHao Zhang2019-10-041-13/+26
* PRSDK-6460: Fixing Doxygen warningsDEV.MMCSD_LLD. Radhakrishnan2019-10-042-4/+15
* mmcsd: PRSDK-7114: fix mmcsd test failure in SBL UART bootDEV.MMCSD_LLD. Zhang2019-10-031-8/+0
* mmcsd: PRSDK-7114: fix emmc test failure in SBL UART bootHao Zhang2019-10-022-5/+33
* PRSDK-6362: Descoping SDR104 mode for J721E on MMC1/MMC2REL.PDK.J7. Radhakrishnan2019-09-302-1/+4
* KW fix correctionMahesh Radhakrishnan2019-09-291-1/+1
* 6.1 doc/ver updateMahesh Radhakrishnan2019-09-294-3/+3
* mmcsd: PRSDK-6353: fix Misra-C and KW issuesHao Zhang2019-09-266-521/+551
* PRSDK-5690: Moving the board switch voltage function to prevent overwriting o...REL.PDK.J7. Radhakrishnan2019-08-291-7/+7
* PRSDK-4243: Adding J721E supportREL.PDK.J7. Radhakrishnan2019-08-1635-939/+1205
* PRSDK-5916: Enabling 1-bit/4-bit modes for EMMC for Sitara (src/v1)Mahesh Radhakrishnan2019-08-092-12/+84
* PRSDK-6094 Fix linking issue on MMCSD exampleSinthu Raja M2019-08-062-6/+6
* PRSDK-5981 Addressing review commentsSinthu Raja M2019-08-021-0/+4
* PRSDK-5981 Fix DMA transfer issueSinthu Raja M2019-07-312-6/+30
* 6.0 doc/ver updatePSDKQA_7Q70_01_01DEV.PROCESSOR-SDK. Radhakrishnan2019-06-244-4/+4
* PRSDK-5657: Making data launch at falling edge at lower speedMahesh Radhakrishnan2019-06-181-2/+14
* PRSDK-5742: Performance enhancements with cmd23, other bug fixes from J7Mahesh Radhakrishnan2019-06-182-30/+73
* PRSDK-5744:Enabling interrupts for regression test by default, added 5MB size...Mahesh Radhakrishnan2019-06-184-36/+33
* PRSDK-4453 Addressing review commentsSinthu Raja M2019-06-117-555/+46
* PRSDK-4453 Update SMP enabled BIOS project for A15 and A53Sinthu Raja M2019-06-115-282/+207
* PRSDK-4453 Update config file to remove board dependancySinthu Raja M2019-06-111-19/+0
* PRSDK-4453 Add SMP enable examples for AM65xxSinthu Raja M2019-06-116-217/+356
* PRSDK-4453 Update RTSC config file to load pdk componentSinthu Raja M2019-06-115-36/+101
* PRSDK-4453 Add SMP enabled BIOS projectSinthu Raja M2019-06-114-0/+518
* Build FixREL.PDK.J7.
* PRSDK-5692 Update commentsSinthu Raja M2019-04-261-5/+5
* PRSDK-5684 Fix data corruption issueSinthu Raja M2019-04-261-3/+3
* PDK-4085: Add j721e_evm build supportSivaraj R2019-04-161-11/+11
* fix the J721E/A72 crash issueREL.PDK.J7. Wei2019-03-252-1/+27
* PRSDK-5581 Fix MMCSD example regresion test failureSinthu Raja M2019-03-251-2/+2
* 5.3 version & documentation updateREL.PDK.J7. Radhakrishnan2019-03-194-4/+4
* PRSDK-5276: Display test profile information along with benchmarks (Regressio...REL.PDK.J7. Radhakrishnan2019-03-123-1/+6
* PDK-3715: Migrate to new CSL SOC alias changeSivaraj R2019-03-053-13/+13
* Merge pull request #121 in PROCESSOR-SDK/sd-mmc from PDK-3571 to masterSivaraj R2019-02-262-2/+2
| * fix the gicv3 MMU setting issueMing Wei2019-02-252-2/+2
* Merge pull request #120 in PROCESSOR-SDK/sd-mmc from review_sivaraj to masterSivaraj R2019-02-191-22/+22
| * Change in J7 memory map to support all coresSivaraj R2019-02-181-22/+22
* Merge pull request #119 in PROCESSOR-SDK/sd-mmc from review_j721e_sivaraj to ...Sivaraj R2019-02-0735-283/+283
| * PDK-3586: J7 to J721ESivaraj R2019-02-0635-283/+283
* | Merge pull request #116 in PROCESSOR-SDK/sd-mmc from PRSDK-5240_free_sems to ...Thanh Tran (Germantown)2019-02-062-0/+10
|\ \ | |/ |/|
| * Free the writeSem and readSem in close()Thanh Tran2019-01-072-0/+10
* | Merge pull request #118 in PROCESSOR-SDK/sd-mmc from PRSDK-297 to masterMahesh Radhakrishnan2019-02-053-23/+10
|\ \
| * | PRSDK-297 Fix example warnings for AM57xxSinthu Raja M2019-01-293-23/+10
* | | Merge pull request #117 in PROCESSOR-SDK/sd-mmc from review-PRSDK-5273 to masterMahesh Radhakrishnan2019-02-011-0/+8
|\ \ \ | |/ / |/| |
| * | PRSDK-5273: RTSC depdencies addedAravind Batni2019-01-221-0/+8
|/ /