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* matrix_browser: update for QWebEngine from QWebKitHEADmastere-ruei1@ti.com2017-08-281-1/+0
* MatrixWebView.h MatrixWebView.cpp main.cpp: Replace QWebView with QMainWindow...Eric Ruei2016-06-121-6/+3
* main.cpp: print error if signal handler setup failsJacob Stiffler2015-09-301-0/+5
* Add handler for SigTerm to gracefully exit QT applicationEric Ruei2015-09-241-4/+21
* matrix_browser: Update for QT5Jacob Stiffler2015-09-241-1/+1
* Add "--windowed" option to disable full screen.Jacob Stiffler2015-06-121-4/+13
* main: add "using std::endl;" to fix compilation warningHongmei Gou2015-04-091-0/+2
* Use dos2unix to convert from dos encoding to unixFranklin S Cooper Jr2015-04-091-61/+61
* main: added licensing informationChase Maupin2012-01-251-0/+38
* matrix_browser: Accept commandline argumentFranklin S Cooper Jr2011-12-221-4/+10
* Changed from WebView to QWebView which is the valid QT classFranklin Cooper Jr2011-10-211-1/+1
* Using the stripped down version using just regular QWebViewFranklin Cooper Jr2011-10-211-21/+8
* Initial commit of the Matrix BrowserFranklin Cooper Jr2011-10-211-0/+30