Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* edmamgr: remove RMAN calls from EdmaMgr_hwFreeAll/EdmaMgr_hwAllocAllHEAD3. Gou2016-06-261-12/+0
* rman: getInternalState replace myAlloc with mallocAjay Jayaraj2016-06-231-3/+3
* Make _regInit static in _DSKT2_initAngela Stegmaier2016-06-171-1/+1
* edmamgr: add APIs to free and restore all edma hardware resources3.40.02.05_engHongmei Gou2016-06-092-2/+153
* Fix Issue with FC_suspend Resource Array Size3. Stegmaier2015-07-282-1/+21
* Merge tag '' into fc-next3. Ring2014-10-285-26/+99
| * ecpy: minor doc updates3. Ring2014-10-091-4/+3
| * SDOCM00113389: Fix channel free exception.Jacob Stiffler2014-10-091-1/+0
| * SDOCM00113029: Fix issue with limited size of EdmaMgr's internal heap. Stiffler2014-10-012-15/+88
| * SDOCM00113018: Fix issue with using "large" channels to perform regular non-l...Jacob Stiffler2014-10-011-1/+5
| * build: remove some old cut-n-paste stringsChris Ring2014-10-011-5/+3
* | dskt2: doxygen-cleanupChris Ring2014-09-291-154/+152
* | edma3: reduce some strict binding to EDMA3 LLD3.40.00.00_engChris Ring2014-09-112-1/+29
* EdmaMgr : Fix logic in Large xfer APIs to detect when chaining is necessary. Stiffler2014-08-191-2/+2
* EdmaMgr : Added support for transfers with large pitch. Stiffler2014-07-303-28/+590
* Added more documentation for EdmaMgr APIs. Stiffler2014-01-131-5/+37
* EdmaMgr: Add doxygen documentationChris Ring2014-01-091-11/+253
* EdmaMgr: Remove dead codeChris Ring2014-01-091-624/+1
* SDOCM00105754: EDMAMgr: Fix Local to Global addr3.30.00.05_engJacob Stiffler2014-01-071-5/+9
* Build: Remove unnecessary dependenciesChris Ring2013-12-212-4/+1
* SDOCM00105604: Remove [internal] _DSKT2_ipcKeyBaseChris Ring2013-12-215-71/+28
* EdmaMgr: indent tool code reformattingChris Ring2013-12-123-162/+167
* EdmaMgr: Cleanup unnecessary header inclusionChris Ring2013-12-102-11/+1
* EdmaMgr: Remove printf-based debug statementsChris Ring2013-12-101-28/+0
* Overrides RMAN.maxAlgs with a value of Stiffler2013-12-102-3/+7
* RMAN: Enable single alg to make multiple requestsJacob Stiffler2013-12-101-21/+30
* EdmaMgr: Added persistent alloc/free functions3.30.00.03_eng3.30.00.02_engJacob Stiffler2013-11-225-12/+234
* Added the EdmaMgr module.Jacob Stiffler2013-11-209-0/+2208
* SDOCM00104721: Allow target config params with '=' Ring2013-10-241-1/+1
* SDOCM00104664: Add targets to ti.sdo.fc.utilsChris Ring2013-10-241-21/+11
* Remove unnecessary filesChris Ring2013-10-234-1359/+0
* ECPY: Add C66_big_endian supportChris Ring2013-10-237-24/+51
* Fix corrupt license statementChris Ring2013-09-251-6/+2
* Initial import from FC Ring2013-09-20230-0/+55496