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Two commands to run the script:
am57xx_generate_pin_config_data.pl -p genericFileFormatPadConf.txt -d genericFileFormatIOdelay.txt -o iopad > iopad.txt
am57xx_generate_pin_config_data.pl -p genericFileFormatPadConf.txt -d genericFileFormatIOdelay.txt -o iodelay > iodelay.txt

Note: The genericFileFormatPadConf.txt file may include extra data at the end of the file in a section that starts with:

	The values in these alternate padconfig registers should be doubled checked (not applicable to AM572x).

	For AM570x and AM571x, these registers are called CTRL_CORE_VIP_MUX_SELECT and CTRL_CORE_ALT_SELECT_MUX.
	For AM574x the register is called CTRL_CORE_CONTROL_SPARE_RW.

	Information on these registers can be found in the "Pad Configuration" section of the TRM. Specific bits will
	enable a GROUP of signals and disable other ones. The PinMux Tool determines which GROUP each pin belongs to
	and it will print the hex value required to enable that GROUP but it can not determine if two GROUPs conflict.
	This script will use bitwise OR to provide the final value to write to the register. You will need to verify
	which GROUP signals are enabled and adjust for conflicts.