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* Added pin ball name to the comment sectionHEADmasterStefan Thorlacius2019-04-081-1/+1
* README and script updated to handle the alternate padconfig register informat...Ahmad Rashed2019-01-031-1/+19
* Simplify options to remove specific u-boot versionBrad Griffis2016-12-081-8/+6
* Fix 0x000c0000 output and add remainingBrad Griffis2016-12-081-0/+12
* Put code in numerical orderBrad Griffis2016-12-081-11/+11
* FormattingBrad Griffis2016-12-081-2/+3
* Eliminate use of PIN_INPUT_SLEWBrad Griffis2016-12-081-1/+1
* Handle DOS carriage returnsBrad Griffis2016-12-081-0/+1
* From Steve KBrad Griffis2016-12-081-0/+325