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* allocate canny variables from stackHEADmasterVivek Chengalvala2017-03-021-8/+8
* Remove debian folderDjordje Senicic2016-03-247-99/+0
* debian files changed from 0.10 version to 1.0 - NOT VERIFIED (more changes ne...Djordje Senicic2016-03-234-14/+12
* Remove commented, unused codeDjordje Senicic2016-03-231-2/+0
* Use BSD COPYING fileDjordje Senicic2016-03-231-504/+34
* Copyright cleanup - fix so we have BSD licensing bannersDjordje Senicic2016-03-236-106/+179
* Add arbkernel type (user defined - as an example pointing to Sobel3x3)Djordje Senicic2016-03-234-8/+36
* Add canny kernelDjordje Senicic2016-03-234-1/+88
* Add conv5x5 kernelDjordje Senicic2016-03-234-2/+32
* Code cleanupDjordje Senicic2016-03-223-67/+35
* Fix version of GST common submodule (certain functions from common/gst-autoge...Djordje Senicic2016-02-262-0/+0
* Add Makefile-s in kernels and oclconv folders, not committed earlier due to g...Djordje Senicic2016-02-262-0/+52
* Add OpenCL video kernels for median and sobel img processing functions. They ...Djordje Senicic2016-02-263-0/+330
* GST plugin skeleton files added. Actual OpenCL kernel implementation still mi...Djordje Senicic2016-02-2620-0/+1290
* Adding readme fileDjordje Senicic2016-02-261-0/+1