BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
master[OSAL]: Added testcase for task sub moduleAsha3 days
release/review_saftey_dev_sciclient_yoganandaUDMA: Fix: KW critcal issues.Lohith Kumar13 months
legacy_masterFix for EOF warningsx10737142 years
release/CORESDK_07.01.05Migrating to SYSFW version v2020.08daAnkur3 years
release/CORESDK_08.00.00ADASVISION-4913 : Fix for SBL to allow loading multi-stage FW on HS.Megharaj A G3 years
release/CORESDK_07.03.00_am65xxUSB : Enabled App Image generation for USB examplessujith3 years
release/CORESDK_07.01.00_j721eHsMigrating to SYSFW version v2020.08eDon Dominic3 years
release/CORESDK_07.03.00[DSS M2M DRV]KW Fixes : Patch-2Vivek Dhande3 years
release/CORESDK_07.01.00SYSFW document update for keywriterPiyali Goswami3 years
release/CORESDK_07.00.05[dmautils] Add dmautils from latest pdk packageAnshu Jain3 years
REL.PSDK.  pdk-REL.PSDK.  Rishabh Garg5 days
REL.PSDK.  pdk-REL.PSDK.  Rishabh Garg7 days
REL.PSDK.  pdk-REL.PSDK.  Jahnavi Guvvala3 weeks
REL.PSDK.  pdk-REL.PSDK.  Jahnavi Guvvala3 weeks
REL.PSDK.  pdk-REL.PSDK.  Jahnavi Guvvala3 weeks
PSDKQNX_09_02_00_RC2_SDP800_TRIMpdk-PSDKQNX_09_02_00_RC2_SDP800_TRIM.tar.gz  pdk-PSDKQNX_09_02_00_RC2_SDP800_TRIM.tar.xz  Subbu Chanderashekarapuram3 weeks
REL.PSDK.  pdk-REL.PSDK.  Rishabh Garg3 weeks
REL.PSDK.  pdk-REL.PSDK.  Rishabh Garg3 weeks
PSDKQNX_09_02_00pdk-PSDKQNX_09_02_00.tar.gz  pdk-PSDKQNX_09_02_00.tar.xz  Michael Nichols3 weeks
PSDKQNX_09_02_00_RC2pdk-PSDKQNX_09_02_00_RC2.tar.gz  pdk-PSDKQNX_09_02_00_RC2.tar.xz  Michael Nichols3 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
3 days[OSAL]: Added testcase for task sub moduleHEADmasterAsha6-71/+77
4 days[OSAL]: Added testcases for Mutex sub moduleAsha3-56/+252
9 days[OSAL]: Added new testcases for Mailbox sub moduleSangeetha Duraisamy1-86/+293
10 daysAdd negative testcase for sciclient_boardcfg functionsChandrakantB2-0/+150
10 days - Added NULL checks for functions in sciclient_boardcfg.c fileChandrakantB13-28/+47
10 daysUDMA_UT : Add testcases for UDMA ChannelSushmi Reddy5-11/+501
10 daysUDMA_UT : Negative testcases for UDMA Flowswetha3-114/+1010
11 days[OSAL]: Fix Semaphore test failure for Extended Freertos and Baremetal testappAsha1-1/+7
12 days[OSAL]: Added new testcases for Event SubmoduleAsha1-43/+106
12 days[SCICLIENT]: Cleanup of sciclient examplesx112496820-480/+470