BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterenabled safertos build for examplesPrasad Konnur48 min.
release/CORESDK_07.03.00[DSS M2M DRV]KW Fixes : Patch-2Vivek Dhande3 weeks
legacy_masterAdded checks When both ports of ICSS switch are configured at different speed...mohan7 weeks
release/CORESDK_07.01.05PDK-9050: Board: Fix for board PLL clock configuration failure on j721eM V Pratap Reddy3 months
release/CORESDK_07.01.00SYSFW document update for keywriterPiyali Goswami4 months
release/CORESDK_07.00.05[dmautils] Add dmautils from latest pdk packageAnshu Jain6 months
release/CORESDK_07.00.04PDK-7036: SBL: AM65xx: Remove support for TCM pre-loadingJonathan Bergsagel7 months
release/CORESDK_07.00.00[hostemu] Add -fPIC option to fix linking error in TIDLAnshu Jain10 months
release/PROCESSOR-SDK_06.02.00dualemac: fix to drop PTP sync msgs from unknown masterAaron Kramer16 months
REL.CORESDK.  pdk-REL.CORESDK.  Sujith S10 days
REL.CORESDK.  pdk-REL.CORESDK.  Sujith S10 days
REL.CORESDK.  pdk-REL.CORESDK.  Sujith S10 days
REL.CORESDK.  pdk-REL.CORESDK.  Prasad Konnur13 days
PSDKQNX_07_03_00pdk-PSDKQNX_07_03_00.tar.gz  pdk-PSDKQNX_07_03_00.tar.xz  Praveen Rao2 weeks
PSDKQ_20210406pdk-PSDKQ_20210406.tar.gz  pdk-PSDKQ_20210406.tar.xz  Praveen Rao2 weeks
REL.CORESDK.  pdk-REL.CORESDK.  Prasad Konnur2 weeks
REL.CORESDK.  pdk-REL.CORESDK.  Ankur3 weeks
REL.CORESDK.  pdk-REL.CORESDK.  Ankur3 weeks
REL.CORESDK.  pdk-REL.CORESDK.  Sujith S3 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
48 min.enabled safertos build for examplesHEADmasterPrasad Konnur44-138/+697
48 min.PDK-9601: SafeRTOS evaluation package integrationPrasad Konnur22-19/+1486
53 min.Updating version numberVineet Roy1-2/+2
53 min.Incorporating review comments. Removed dead codeVineet Roy1-3/+0
53 min.Firmware changes before mergeVineet Roy2-0/+10
53 min.Adding FN_RCV_LB in Background TaskVineet Roy1-1/+17
53 min.Clearing PTP flags by forceVineet Roy2-7/+7
53 min.Changes to improve Rx stabilityVineet Roy1-11/+12
10 hours[PDK-9178] UDMA RM: Update logic in subtracting Global Event OffsetDon Dominic9-15/+70
10 hours[PDK-9178] UDMA: Simplify UDMA RM Configuration for AM65xxDon Dominic9-1164/+615