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* Make it more clear that CCS is not needed to build fwsv5.0.1Jason Reeder2016-09-071-7/+18
* Fixes an rpmsg bug concerning available buffersJason Reeder2016-08-301-0/+0
* Indentation and comment fixes in RPMsg codeJason Reeder2016-06-233-23/+23
* Improve the abstraction of RPMsg lib and examplesJason Reeder2016-06-231-0/+20
* Convert RPMsg examples from mailboxes to interruptsJason Reeder2016-05-203-10/+21
* Reformat code and remove whitespace errorsAndrew F. Davis2016-05-094-142/+142
* Decouple the RPMsg library from the MBX internalsJason Reeder2015-10-132-3/+3
* Updating the BSD License header in the source codeJason Reeder2015-08-132-56/+62
* Adding the license at the top of the RPMsg filesJason Reeder2015-08-102-0/+60
* Moving the library source into the lib folderJason Reeder2015-08-079-0/+496
* Adding RPMsg support for the PRUJason Reeder2015-07-081-0/+0
* Removing the pru_vring *library* and header file as it is not used anywhere e...Jason Reeder2015-06-171-136/+0
* PRU Software Support Package v1.0mwatkins2014-11-041-0/+136