tag namev5.0.0 (ac34b09513cb9e1a7dada0b6f0d383ad8d60a683)
tag date2016-06-15 14:50:34 -0500
tagged byJason Reeder
tagged objectcommit 913cf232eb...
PRU-SWPKG version 5.0.0
What changed: *rpmsg examples have been updated to use interrupts instead of mailboxes -Some devices do not have enough mailboxes to support rpmsg on all PRUs and some devices do not have mailboxes at all -For this reason the Linux drivers have been updated to use interrupts (PRU-ICSS system events). This version of the PRU Software Support Package makes changes to the rpmsg library and rpmsg examples to realize these changes *Support for the k2g (66AK2G02) device has been added -example and include files are now provided for the k2g device