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ARM: dts: am571x-idk: Add CMA pools and enable IPUs & DSP1 rprocs
The CMA reserved memory nodes have been added for both the IPUs and the DSP1 remoteproc devices on the AM571x IDK board. These nodes are assigned to the respective rproc device nodes, and both the IPUs and the DSP1 remote processors are enabled for this board. The current CMA pools and sizes are defined statically for each device. The addresses chosen are the same as the respective processors on the DRA72 EVM board to maintain firmware compatibility between the two boards. The CMA pools and sizes are defined using 64-bit values to support LPAE. The starting addresses are fixed to meet current dependencies on the remote processor firmwares, and this will go away when the remote-side code has been improved to gather this information runtime during its initialization. An associated pair of the rproc node and its CMA node can be disabled later on if there is no use-case defined to use that remote processor. Signed-off-by: Suman Anna <s-anna@ti.com>
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