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* update for broadcasting mode and PRAM checksumHEADmasterPeter Li2017-07-132-40/+191
* update end-system tuninga02204102016-12-254-216/+88
* fix bug in broadcast modea02204102016-11-022-4/+3
* update for broadcast modea02204102016-11-013-0/+52
* disable the old ALSA functiona02204102016-09-081-1/+1
* update PPC3 version for "Driver version field" in tas2555s_uCDSP.bina02204102016-08-191-1/+1
* add examples for dai_link and dtsa02204102016-08-182-0/+39
* add stereo as keyword for ALSAa02204102016-08-181-29/+29
* 1. update driver to support "Driver Firmware Version" in firmware (tas2555s_u...a02204102016-08-103-127/+118
* update tiload for in-system tuninga02204102016-07-224-68/+240
* update for device bulk access and in-system tuninga02204102016-07-046-135/+247
* stereo solution first commita02204102016-07-0313-0/+4418