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* Add control to channels seperatelyHEADmasterTracy Yi2018-07-276-149/+197
* Fix empty point bugTracy Yi2018-05-271-0/+1
* Add support for IRQ, align with mono driverTracy Yi2018-05-219-511/+1198
* <TI-tas2560-stereo>Add support for DOUT parallel modeTracy Yi2016-11-094-12/+81
* <TI tas2560 stereo>Add support for TDM modeTracy Yi2016-11-093-13/+39
* <TI-tas2560-stereo>Remove checkpatch errorsTracy Yi2016-11-0913-663/+663
* disable the old ALSA command and add 30ms delay for powering down devicea02204102016-09-082-0/+26
* first commita02204102016-09-0113-0/+2679