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* [Codec] (1)Seperate Rx and Tx formats for TDM (2)Checkpatch fixSAMSUMG_A72_4.19vijeth.po2021-02-092-12/+15
* Update to support multiple IVWidth/VBat formats based on BitWidthvijeth.po2021-02-033-144/+249
* [Codec] Fix for Topology Set Enable Failed during Playback StartSAMSUNG_A72_4.19_2.0.4Niranjan H Y2021-01-042-12/+13
* [Codec][Algorithm] Fix for timeout error in Big Data UpdateSAMSUNG_A72_4.19_2.0.3vijeth.po2020-12-092-13/+17
* Disabled CM Hysterysis in Receiver mode as wellSAMSUNG_A72_4.19_2.0.2vijeth.po2020-12-031-8/+0
* CM Hysterisis feature is removed in SPK mode.SAMSUNG_A72_4.19_2.0.1vijeth.po2020-11-303-8/+22
* Update Boost Registers for Low Temp distortion issue.SAMSUNG_A72_4.19_2.0.0vijeth.po2020-11-254-0/+61
* [Codec] Fix to no-sound issue during screen lock/unlockSAMSUNG_A72_4.19_1.3.6.9vijeth.po2020-10-165-48/+59
* [Codec] Improvise Receiver Mode Settings and add SAR&DMIN Update functionSAMSUNG_A72_4.19_1.3.6.8vijeth.po2020-10-134-2/+85
* "AMP OUTPUT LVL" mixer_control fix to support min(0x0) and max value(0x1c)vijeth.po2020-10-131-1/+2
* [Codec] Checkpatch - Remove mdelay; Kernel Policy - Remove Slave and Master w...SAMSUNG_A72_4.19_1.3.6.7vijeth.po2020-09-254-19/+19
* [Codec] Algorithm Get/Set Param is Bypassed when RCV Mode is enabled.Peeyush Gupta2020-09-253-46/+44
* [Codec] Auto Select VBat based on the hw_params BitWidthSAMSUNG_A72_4.19_1.3.6.5vijeth.po2020-09-146-27/+98
* support added for BBB 4.19 buildPeeyush Gupta2020-09-141-1/+1
* Revert "[Codec] Updated Makefile for compatibility with BBB Kernel"Peeyush Gupta2020-09-141-1/+2
* [Codec] Updated Makefile for compatibility with BBB Kernelvijeth.po2020-09-131-2/+1
* [Algorithm] Checpkatch fix for DEVICE_ATTR_FUNCTIONS Warningvijeth.po2020-09-131-3/+3
* [Checkpatch] Updated Checkpatch Script to detect DEVICE_ATTRvijeth.po2020-09-131-401/+431
* [Codec] 32 BitWidth Fix.vijeth.po2020-09-131-1/+1
* Linux Kernel version is maintained at separate branch for 4.19 and abovePeeyush Gupta2020-09-116-527/+0
* checkpatch warning Fix for Export Symbol and Block CommentPeeyush Gupta2020-09-112-2/+2
* patch to support kernel 4.19 and aboveSAMSUNG_A72_1.3.6.4Peeyush Gupta2020-09-091-1/+1
* Merge branch 'SAMSUNG_A72' of ssh:// Gupta2020-09-093-7/+7
| * Removed IF_ENABLED(HPF_ENABLED) and IF_ENABLED(CODEC_PM) checkpatch errorPeeyush Gupta2020-09-093-7/+7
* | Checkpatch warning fixed for End of Line and Lead SpacingPeeyush Gupta2020-09-098-23/+6
* Linux Kernel version checkpatch warning FixedPeeyush Gupta2020-09-096-56/+61
* Checkpatch Warning Fixed for TABSTOPPeeyush Gupta2020-09-084-2/+4
* Frame Sync, Rx Edge, RX Offset, Tx Edge & Tx Offset set to defualt I2S settingsPeeyush Gupta2020-09-081-4/+4
* Fixed Build Error for Algo DriverPeeyush Gupta2020-09-072-2/+0
* If ASI Switch is Off for both left and right then no device playbackSAMSUNG_A72_1.3.6.3vijeth.po2020-09-051-1/+5
* Warning/Errors Fixed/Updatedvijeth.po2020-09-0520-179/+193
* Remove Non-Samsung-Configuration Filesvijeth.po2020-09-0510-3561/+0
* Add Digital Gain Mixer Control Interface to Algorithm(Receiver Mode)SAMSUNG_A72_1.3.6.2vijeth.po2020-09-053-3/+111
* Add Emphasis Filter for 8Bit IV Sense Casevijeth.po2020-09-053-0/+48
* Fixesvijeth.po2020-09-051-8/+8
* Revert " Add Emphasis Filter Co-efficients update for 8bit IV Sense & Volume ...Peeyush Gupta2020-09-057-163/+7
* Add Emphasis Filter Co-efficients update for 8bit IV Sense & Volume Ramp Up ...Peeyush Gupta2020-08-297-7/+163
* [Codec][Algorithm] warnings fixed as per SamsungSAMSUNG_A72_1.3.6.1vijeth.po2020-08-246-16/+15
* [Codec] Kernel-4.10 Warning Fixedvijeth.po2020-08-231-2/+2
* [Codec][Algorithm] Checkpatch warnings code updatevijeth.po2020-08-2226-623/+945
* [Codec] Add snd_soc_dapm_ignore_suspend in codec probevijeth.po2020-08-211-0/+50
* [Codec][Algorithm] Change pr_err to pr_debug and pr_info accordinglyvijeth.po2020-08-2111-54/+54
* [Algorithm] Compilation fix - tas25xx-calib-validation.cvijeth.po2020-08-211-0/+1
* Release version changed to 1.3.6SAMSUNG_A72_1.3.6GOOGLE_PIXEL_1.3.6Peeyush Gupta2020-08-051-1/+1
* Fixed Checkpatch Errorvijeth.po2020-08-051-2/+1
* Fixed Algo Crash - Full Verification Pendingvijeth.po2020-08-051-1/+1
* fix for CheckPatch ErrorPeeyush Gupta2020-08-041-3/+3
* remove return value for function tas256x_irq_reloadPeeyush Gupta2020-08-041-1/+0
* Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
| * 1) fix accessing test_list issue, which will cause out of array 2) Add some p...Shenghao Ding2020-08-011-3/+67