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Texas Instruments TAS5086 6-channel PWM Processor

Required properties:

 - compatible:		Should contain "ti,tas5086".
 - reg:			The i2c address. Should contain <0x1b>.

Optional properties:

 - reset-gpio: 		A GPIO spec to define which pin is connected to the
			chip's !RESET pin. If specified, the driver will
			assert a hardware reset at probe time.

 - ti,charge-period:	This property should contain the time in microseconds
			that closely matches the external single-ended
			split-capacitor charge period. The hardware chip
			waits for this period of time before starting the
			PWM signals. This helps reduce pops and clicks.

			When not specified, the hardware default of 1300ms
			is retained.

 - ti,mid-z-channel-X:	Boolean properties, X being a number from 1 to 6.
			If given, channel X will start with the Mid-Z start
			sequence, otherwise the default Low-Z scheme is used.

			The correct configuration depends on how the power
			stages connected to the PWM output pins work. Not all
			power stages are compatible to Mid-Z - please refer
			to the datasheets for more details.

			Most systems should not set any of these properties.

 - avdd-supply:         Power supply for AVDD, providing 3.3V
 - dvdd-supply:         Power supply for DVDD, providing 3.3V


	i2c_bus {
		tas5086@1b {
			compatible = "ti,tas5086";
			reg = <0x1b>;
			reset-gpio = <&gpio 23 0>;
			ti,charge-period = <156000>;
			avdd-supply = <&vdd_3v3_reg>;
			dvdd-supply = <&vdd_3v3_reg>;