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* Documentation: DT bindings: add more Tegra chip compatible stringsPaul Walmsley2015-02-031-1/+4
* ASoC: tegra: update module reset list for Tegra124Stephen Warren2013-12-121-0/+9
* ARM: tegra: document use of standard DMA DT bindingsStephen Warren2013-12-111-5/+13
* ARM: tegra: document reset properties in DT bindingsStephen Warren2013-12-111-5/+12
* ARM: tegra: add missing clock documentation to DT bindingsStephen Warren2013-12-111-4/+17
* ASoC: tegra: add Tegra114 support to the AHUB driverStephen Warren2013-03-251-5/+21
* ASoC: tegra: add tegra30-ahub driverStephen Warren2012-04-131-0/+32