Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* tty: rpmsg: Fix race condition releasing tty portArnaud Pouliquen2022-01-261-14/+26
* tty: rpmsg: Define tty name via constant string literalAndy Shevchenko2021-10-261-2/+3
* tty: rpmsg: Add pr_fmt() to prefix messagesAndy Shevchenko2021-10-261-2/+4
* tty: rpmsg: Use dev_err_probe() in ->probe()Andy Shevchenko2021-10-261-7/+4
* tty: rpmsg: Unify variable used to keep an error codeAndy Shevchenko2021-10-261-13/+13
* tty: rpmsg: Assign returned id to a local variableAndy Shevchenko2021-10-261-3/+4
* tty: add rpmsg driverArnaud Pouliquen2021-10-211-0/+274