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* Add testignoreHEADv01.00.02.04masterChenchi Luo2015-05-2712-0/+1
* Fix CIFAR 10 Testing example.Chenchi Luo2015-05-264-375/+29
* update the CIFAR10 testing examples to use sample imagesChenchi Luo2015-05-262-2/+192
* Remove the compiled binary filesChenchi Luo2015-05-2615-0/+0
* Remove deleted filesChenchi Luo2015-05-2635-1911/+0
* 1. Enable network state write/readChenchi Luo2015-05-21246-1447/+9950
* cross compilation fixChenchi Luo2015-05-1927-17/+38
* 1) Addition of .testignore to all the directories which do not have a te...Chenchi Luo2015-05-142-179/+0
* 1. debian/control - use ti-linalg instead of libblas-devChenchi Luo2015-05-016-165/+182
* Add 3 preloaded images to CIFAR10 database for tesing purposeChenchi Luo2015-04-175-5/+34
* 1. Rename the top level /usr/share/ti/exmaples/timl/makefile to MakefileChenchi Luo2015-04-013-0/+162
* initial releaseEric Luo2015-03-20246-0/+58377