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* Update for tflite import and relay importHEADmasterHongmei Gou2020-02-283-3/+14
* TFLite: support subgraph partitioning and serialization of the partitioned modelHongmei Gou2020-02-193-62/+344
* TFLite update:Jianzhong Xu2020-01-224-1/+275
* 1. Add support for TensorFlow Lite (floating point models only).Jianzhong Xu2019-12-1225-50/+1905
* Added support for mobilenetv2Jianzhong Xu2019-09-1610-12/+68
* 1. fix eltwise layer import bug - PLSDK-2996Jianzhong Xu2019-09-0415-1838/+131
* 1. Added support for non-square padding for Caffe import.Jianzhong Xu2019-08-096-127/+295
* 1. TIDL import tool has been enhanced to capture and report all violation...Jianzhong Xu2019-06-1419-1639/+80419
* TIDL import tool: 1. added support for ONNX.Jianzhong Xu2019-03-0532-2130/+5878
* Added protobuf interface files for ONNX support in ARMNN.Jianzhong Xu2019-02-214-0/+15960
* Added TIDL import tool source code.Jianzhong Xu2018-12-0360-30/+16058
* caffeImport: Add Caffe LICENSE file for generated files in this folder onlyDjordje Senicic2018-09-131-0/+44
* Merge pull request #1 in PROCESSOR-SDK/tidl-utils from plsdk-2255 to masterDjordje Senicic2018-09-073-0/+77565
| * caffeImport: Add more details to readme installation instructionsDjordje Senicic2018-09-071-4/+34
| * caffeImport: Added interface files based on (arago) upstreamed version of pro...Djordje Senicic2018-09-073-119141/+77530
| * caffeImport: Add Caffe protobuf interface files, version 3.2Djordje Senicic2018-08-313-0/+119146
* Fix path in configuration files for target filesystem deploymentDjordje Senicic2018-07-215-30/+30
* Initial commit of TIDL binary utilities: import tool and simulation tool, for...Djordje Senicic2018-07-1320-0/+4223