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* set execute permissions (again!)HEADmasterdave russo2015-11-072-0/+0
* add ability to build and upload sketches from the bash command line (via beta...dave russo2015-11-0621-18/+2511
* fix md2html script to be runnable from any directorydave russo2015-11-061-3/+3
* minor dead code cleanupdave russo2015-10-131-20/+0
* remove unused error averaging from Utilitiesdave russo2015-10-135-27/+0
* eliminate implicit cast away of const warningdave russo2015-10-091-1/+1
* initial commit of content from Adam Dai and Tony Oliveriozumo-b00dave russo2015-09-2796-0/+17370
* testdave russo2015-09-271-0/+69