descriptionGraphics related projects on TI platforms - Imagination Technologies SGX DDK for the Linux kernel.
last changeTue, 23 Jun 2015 10:25:21 +0000 (15:55 +0530)
2015-06-23 Subhajit Paulkm: Fix array-OOB issue in create_gem_wrapper master glsdk_7.01.00.03
2015-06-08 Anand BalagopalakrishnanTruncate the SGX HW recovery traces
2015-03-23 Anand BalagopalakrishnanEnable voluntary kernel preemption option in the SGX...
2015-02-10 Anand Balagopalakrishnankm: fix GEM handle memory leak glsdk_7.00.00.04
2014-12-08 Anand Balagopalakrishnankm: removed extra character from trace message
2014-12-08 Anand BalagopalakrishnanK3.14: Changed compatibility to omap4-gpu as per the...
2014-12-08 Anand BalagopalakrishnanUse omap_gem APIs for accessing private data
2014-12-08 Anand BalagopalakrishnanK3.14: API changes for ioremap
2014-12-08 Anand BalagopalakrishnanRevert "Add support for a segmented register memory...
2014-08-08 Subhajit PaulK3.12 mmap support for sync data glsdk_6.10.00.02
2014-07-30 Subhajit PaulK3.12 create a dummy gem handle for every gem allocation
2014-07-30 Subhajit PaulK3.12 fix for SGX modifying return value after gem_new
2014-07-30 Subhajit PaulK3.12 update DRM_IOCTLs to reflect argument size
2014-06-13 Anand BalagopalakrishnanK3.12: Disable the warning for missing prototypes glsdk_6.10.00.01 ti_imgddk_1.9.1.0
2014-06-13 Anand BalagopalakrishnanK3.12: Update the driver for changes in ProcFS APIs
2014-06-13 Anand BalagopalakrishnanChanged the DT compatibility to omap5 instead of omap4
6 years ago glsdk_7.04.00.03 GLSDK release
6 years ago glsdk_7.03.00.03
7 years ago glsdk_7.02.00.02
7 years ago glsdk_7.01.00.03
7 years ago glsdk_7.00.00.04 GLSDK
8 years ago glsdk_6.10.00.02
8 years ago ti_imgddk_1.9.1.0
8 years ago glsdk_6.10.00.01
8 years ago glsdk_6.04.00.02
8 years ago ti_imgddk_1.9.0.12 IMG DDK release
9 years ago ti_imgddk_1.9.0.11
9 years ago TI_LINUX_OMAP_SGX_DDK_1.9_2253347
11 months ago ti-img-sgx/1.17.4948957/k5.10
18 months ago devel-next
2 years ago ti-img-sgx/1.17.4948957/k5.4
2 years ago ti-img-sgx/1.17.4948957/k4.19
3 years ago ti-img-sgx/1.17.4948957/k4.14
4 years ago ti-img-sgx/1.14.3699939/k4.14
5 years ago ti-img-sgx/1.14.3699939/k4.9
5 years ago ti-img-sgx/1.14.3699939/k4.4
6 years ago dra7/k3.14
6 years ago ti-img-sgx/1.14.3699939/k4.1
6 years ago img-sgx
6 years ago dra7/k4.1
6 years ago am4/k4.1
7 years ago am4/k3.14
7 years ago next
7 years ago dra7/experimental