2018-09-12 Dan MurphyMerge branch 'linux-4.4.y' of git./linux/kernel/git... ti-linux-4.4.y
2018-09-09 Greg Kroah... Linux 4.4.155 v4.4.155
2018-09-09 Dave Airliedrm/drivers: add support for using the arch wc mapping...
2018-09-09 Dave Airliex86/io: add interface to reserve io memtype for a resou...
2018-09-09 Jeremy Clinefs/quota: Fix spectre gadget in do_quotactl
2018-09-09 Adrian Hunterperf auxtrace: Fix queue resize
2018-09-09 Shan Haibcache: release dc->writeback_lock properly in bch_writ...
2018-09-09 Christian Braunergetxattr: use correct xattr length
2018-09-09 Mikulas Patockaudlfb: set optimal write delay
2018-09-09 Mikulas Patockafb: fix lost console when the user unplugs a USB adapter
2018-09-09 Vignesh Rpwm: tiehrpwm: Fix disabling of output of PWMs
2018-09-09 Richard Weinbergerubifs: Fix synced_i_size calculation for xattr inodes
2018-09-09 Richard Weinbergerubifs: Check data node size before truncate
2018-09-09 Richard WeinbergerRevert "UBIFS: Fix potential integer overflow in alloca...
2018-09-09 Richard Weinbergerubifs: Fix memory leak in lprobs self-check
2018-09-09 Jann Hornuserns: move user access out of the mutex
2018-09-09 Jann Hornsys: don't hold uts_sem while accessing userspace memory
2018-09-09 Al Viroosf_getdomainname(): use copy_to_user()
2018-09-09 Jacob Paniommu/vt-d: Fix dev iotlb pfsid use
2018-09-09 Jacob Paniommu/vt-d: Add definitions for PFSID
2018-09-09 Peter Zijlstramm/tlb: Remove tlb_remove_table() non-concurrent condition
2018-09-09 Jon HunterARM: tegra: Fix Tegra30 Cardhu PCA954x reset
2018-09-09 Dan Carpenterpnfs/blocklayout: off by one in bl_map_stripe()
2018-09-09 zhangyi (F)PM / sleep: wakeup: Fix build error caused by missing...
2018-09-09 Tomas Bortoli9p: fix multiple NULL-pointer-dereferences
2018-09-09 Steven Rostedt... uprobes: Use synchronize_rcu() not synchronize_sched()
2018-09-09 Snild Dolkowkthread, tracing: Don't expose half-written comm when...
2018-09-09 Steven Rostedt... tracing/blktrace: Fix to allow setting same value
2018-09-09 Steven Rostedt... tracing: Do not call start/stop() functions when tracin...
2018-09-09 Nadav Amitvmw_balloon: fix VMCI use when balloon built into kernel
2018-09-09 Nadav Amitvmw_balloon: VMCI_DOORBELL_SET does not check status
2018-09-09 Nadav Amitvmw_balloon: do not use 2MB without batching
2018-09-09 Nadav Amitvmw_balloon: fix inflation of 64-bit GFNs
2018-09-09 Lars-Peter... iio: ad9523: Fix return value for ad952x_store()
2018-09-09 Lars-Peter... iio: ad9523: Fix displayed phase
2018-09-09 Mike Snitzerdm cache metadata: save in-core policy_hint_size to...
2018-09-09 Jiri Slabyx86/mm/pat: Fix L1TF stable backport for CPA, 2nd call
2018-09-09 Tomas Bortolinet/9p/trans_fd.c: fix race-condition by flushing workq...
2018-09-09 Tomas Bortolinet/9p/client.c: version pointer uninitialized
2018-09-09 jiangyiwen9p/virtio: fix off-by-one error in sg list bounds check
2018-09-09 piaojunfs/9p/xattr.c: catch the error of p9_client_clunk when...
2018-09-09 Mahesh Salgaonkarpowerpc/pseries: Fix endianness while restoring of...
2018-09-09 Hari Bathinipowerpc/fadump: handle crash memory ranges array index...
2018-09-09 Matthew Aulddrm/i915/userptr: reject zero user_size
2018-09-09 Bartosz Golaszewskispi: davinci: fix a NULL pointer dereference
2018-09-09 Ben Hutchingsnet: lan78xx: Fix misplaced tasklet_schedule() call
2018-09-09 Chirantan Ekbote9p/net: Fix zero-copy path in the 9p virtio transport
2018-09-09 Alexander Aringnet: mac802154: tx: expand tailroom if necessary
2018-09-09 Alexander Aringnet: 6lowpan: fix reserved space for single frames
2018-09-05 Greg Kroah... Linux 4.4.154 v4.4.154
2018-09-05 Scott Bauercdrom: Fix info leak/OOB read in cdrom_ioctl_drive_status
2018-09-05 Mike Christieiscsi target: fix session creation failure handling
2018-09-05 Bart Van Asschescsi: core: Avoid that SCSI device removal through...
2018-09-05 Bart Van Asschescsi: sysfs: Introduce sysfs_{un,}break_active_protection()
2018-09-05 Paul BurtonMIPS: lib: Provide MIPS64r6 __multi3() for GCC < 7
2018-09-05 Maciej W. RozyckiMIPS: Correct the 64-bit DSP accumulator register size
2018-09-05 Masami Hiramatsukprobes: Make list and blacklist root user read only
2018-09-05 Sebastian Otts390/pci: fix out of bounds access during irq setup
2018-09-05 Julian Wiedmanns390/qdio: reset old sbal_state flags
2018-09-05 Martin Schwidefskys390: fix br_r1_trampoline for machines without exrl
2018-09-05 Andi Kleenx86/spectre: Add missing family 6 check to microcode...
2018-09-05 Nick Desaulniersx86/irqflags: Mark native_restore_fl extern inline
2018-09-05 Dan Carpenterpinctrl: freescale: off by one in imx1_pinconf_group_db...
2018-09-05 Gustavo A.... ASoC: sirf: Fix potential NULL pointer dereference
2018-09-05 Jerome BrunetASoC: dpcm: don't merge format from invalid codec dai
2018-09-05 Mikulas Patockaudl-kms: fix crash due to uninitialized memory
2018-09-05 Mikulas Patockaudl-kms: handle allocation failure
2018-09-05 Mikulas Patockaudl-kms: change down_interruptible to down
2018-09-05 Kirill Tkhaifuse: Add missed unlock_page() to fuse_readpages_fill()
2018-09-05 Miklos Szeredifuse: Fix oops at process_init_reply()
2018-09-05 Miklos Szeredifuse: umount should wait for all requests
2018-09-05 Miklos Szeredifuse: fix unlocked access to processing queue
2018-09-05 Miklos Szeredifuse: fix double request_end()
2018-09-05 Andrey Ryabininfuse: Don't access pipe->buffers without pipe_lock()
2018-09-05 Rian Hunterx86/process: Re-export start_thread()
2018-09-05 Vlastimil Babkax86/speculation/l1tf: Suggest what to do on systems...
2018-09-05 Vlastimil Babkax86/speculation/l1tf: Fix off-by-one error when warning...
2018-09-05 Vlastimil Babkax86/speculation/l1tf: Fix overflow in l1tf_pfn_limit...
2018-09-05 Punit AgrawalKVM: arm/arm64: Skip updating PMD entry if no change
2018-09-05 Punit AgrawalKVM: arm/arm64: Skip updating PTE entry if no change
2018-09-05 Greg Hackmannarm64: mm: check for upper PAGE_SHIFT bits in pfn_valid()
2018-09-05 Eric Sandeenext4: reset error code in ext4_find_entry in fallback
2018-09-05 Arnd Bergmannext4: sysfs: print ext4_super_block fields as little...
2018-09-05 Theodore Ts'oext4: check for NUL characters in extended attribute...
2018-09-05 Claudio Imbrendas390/kvm: fix deadlock when killed by oom
2018-09-05 Josef Bacikbtrfs: don't leak ret from do_chunk_alloc
2018-09-05 Steve Frenchsmb3: don't request leases in symlink creation and...
2018-09-05 Steve Frenchsmb3: Do not send SMB3 SET_INFO if nothing changed
2018-09-05 Nicholas Mc... cifs: check kmalloc before use
2018-09-05 Steve Frenchcifs: add missing debug entries for kconfig options
2018-09-05 jie@chenjie6... mm/memory.c: check return value of ioremap_prot
2018-09-05 Jim Gillscsi: vmw_pvscsi: Return DID_RESET for status SAM_STAT_...
2018-09-05 Johannes Thumshirnscsi: fcoe: drop frames in ELS LOGO error path
2018-09-05 Colin Ian Kingdrivers: net: lmc: fix case value for target abort...
2018-09-05 Randy Dunlaparc: fix type warnings in arc/mm/cache.c
2018-09-05 Randy Dunlaparc: fix build errors in arc/include/asm/delay.h
2018-09-05 Govindarajulu... enic: handle mtu change for vf properly
2018-09-05 Rafał MiłeckiRevert "MIPS: BCM47XX: Enable 74K Core ExternalSync...
2018-09-05 Calvin Waltontools/power turbostat: Read extended processor family...
2018-09-05 Li Wangzswap: re-check zswap_is_full() after do zswap_shrink()