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Project Description Last Change
jacinto-ai/acf-jacinto.git HOG/ACF/AdaBoost Object Detection - Training Framework. See the about tab for documen... 3 years ago
jacinto-ai/caffe-jacinto-models.git Training Scripts, Models & Examples For Caffe-jacinto. See the about tab for document... 3 years ago
jacinto-ai/caffe-jacinto.git Caffe-jacinto - Embedded Deep Learning Framework. See the about tab for documentation. 3 years ago
jacinto-ai/jacinto-ai-benchmark.git Benchmarking of Deep Learning AI ModelsOn Jacinto 7 SoCs ? Model Import/Calibration... 18 months ago
jacinto-ai/jacinto-ai-modelzoo.git Deep Learning AIModels/Algorithms/Examples For Jacinto 7 SoCs 18 months ago
jacinto-ai/pytorch-jacinto-ai-devkit.git Jacinto - Deep Learning/CNN Training Examples & Quantization. Please see the document... 17 months ago
jacinto-ai/pytorch-mmdetection.git Jacinto - Deep Learning/CNN Object Detection Training. Please see the documentation... 3 months ago
jacinto-ai/pytorch-ssds-keypoints.git Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 19 months ago