gator-driver: Revert #error about lack of CONFIG_PERF_EVENTS
[android-sdk/arm-ds5-gator.git] / driver /
2012-05-18 Jon Medhurstgator-driver: Revert #error about lack of CONFIG_PERF_E...
2012-05-16 Jon Medhurstgator-driver: Default GATOR_MALI_INTERFACE_STYLE to '2'
2012-05-16 Jon Medhurstgator: Version 5.10
2012-03-05 Jon Medhurstgator-driver: Hack makefile to search for Mali trace...
2012-03-05 Wade Cherrygator-driver: Fix build failure on Linux 3.3
2012-02-20 Jon Medhurstgator-driver: ARM DS-5.9 Streamline gator driver (RC2)
2011-11-17 Pawel Mollgator-driver: ARM DS-5.8 Streamline gator driver (RC1)
2011-11-17 Pawel Mollgator: Move README to top directory
2011-10-04 Pawel Mollgator-driver: ARM DS-5.7 Streamline gator driver sources
2011-09-30 Pawel Mollgator: Move driver sources to a separate directory