ducati: update make file to be generic
[android-sdk/device-ti-proprietary-open.git] / omap4 / ducati-blaze_tablet.mk
2013-02-25 Vishal Mahaveerducati: update make file to be generic
2012-04-18 Jean JohnsonMerge "Updated Ducati installation logic" into ics-mr1
2012-04-17 James W. MillsUpdated Ducati installation logic
2012-01-28 Jean JohnsonMerge "SGX: DDK update for 2D blit support" into ics-mr1
2012-01-27 James W. MillsUpdate ducati mk files to use literal TARGET_PRODUCT...
2012-01-18 James W. MillsDucati binary fw and DCC files for Blaze Tablet