[proprietary-open] Update WLAN firmware file
[android-sdk/device-ti-proprietary-open.git] / omap4 /
2011-12-21 James W. MillsUpdated DDK
2011-12-15 James W. MillsMoved the ducati Android.mk into the filesystem, and...
2011-12-14 James W. MillsUpped the version of the DDK to match the kernel. I...
2011-12-13 James W. MillsLicensed ducati bundle
2011-12-08 James W. MillsMove licensed content to tgz archives
2011-12-03 Jean JohnsonMerge "[proprietary-open] Upload WLAN firmware files...
2011-11-30 Jean JohnsonPRODUCT PACKAGES being overwritten again
2011-11-28 Hemant HariyaniSGX-BIN: IMG DDK 1.8@550175 binaries for ICS