2015-02-01 Nishanth MenonUpdate bootanimation d-lollipop-release master
2014-11-13 Nishanth MenonAdd some simple files
2014-11-13 Nishanth MenonSwitch bootanimation to pacdroid ;)
2014-11-13 Nishanth MenonAdd fake touch.
2014-11-13 Nishanth Menonadd audio card dra7xx evm
2014-11-13 Nishanth Menonuse the dra7 platform
2014-11-12 Nishanth Menonstate that we are beaglex15board
2014-11-12 Nishanth Menonuse sdcard - ignore emmc for now
2014-11-12 Nishanth Menonbeaglex15 cleanup
2014-11-12 Nishanth Menondevice: cleanup
2014-11-12 Nishanth Menonfix up stuff for making hardware build
2014-11-12 Nishanth Menonrename tablet
2014-11-12 Nishanth Menoncleanup boardconfig
2014-11-12 Nishanth Menonremove hdcp
2014-11-11 Nishanth MenonWe dont use atmel/LDC touch controllers
2014-11-11 Nishanth Menonbeagle from
2014-11-11 Nishanth Menonrename to beaglex15
2014-11-11 Nishanth Menonrename to x15
2014-11-11 Nishanth Menoninitial baseline from TI's code