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gpu: ion: fix omap_ion_share_fd_to_buffers api
[android-sdk/kernel-video.git] / drivers / gpu / ion / omap / omap_ion.c
2013-07-26 Sundar Ramangpu: ion: fix omap_ion_share_fd_to_buffers api
2013-07-26 Sundar Ramangpu: ion: omap: add checks for carveout addresses and...
2013-07-26 Sundar Ramangpu: ion: omap: Fix TILER secure heap base address
2013-07-12 Dandawate Saketgpu: ion: Fix compilation warnings
2013-07-12 Dandawate Saketgpu: ion: Migration to device tree
2013-07-12 Sundar Ramangpu: ion: omap: add apis to register and export ion...
2013-07-12 Rogelio Garciagpu: ion: export needed functions for PVR SGX
2013-07-12 Rebecca Schultz... gpu: ion: Add omap support to ion