gpu: ion: DRA7: ensure TILER 2d mappings are shared device
[android-sdk/kernel-video.git] / drivers / gpu / ion / omap / omap_tiler_heap.c
2013-07-26 Sundar Ramangpu: ion: DRA7: ensure TILER 2d mappings are shared...
2013-07-26 Sundar Ramangpu: ion: omap: re-populate flags parameters into buffer
2013-07-12 Dandawate Saketgpu: ion: Fix compilation error for ion
2013-07-12 Sundar Ramangpu: ion: Fixes for ion_alloc_tiler
2013-07-12 Sundar Ramanion: gpu: cleanup: remove unnecessary tracking of sg_table
2013-07-12 Sundar Ramangpu: ion: Fix linking issue after enabling ion
2013-07-12 Rogelio Garciagpu: ion: export needed functions for PVR SGX
2013-07-12 Rebecca Schultz... gpu: ion: Add omap support to ion