2013-07-17 Praneeth BajjuriMerge branch 'p-ti-linux-3.8.y' into p-ti-android-3.8.y
2013-07-17 Mark LangsdorfPM / OPP: Export more symbols for module usage
2013-07-17 Nishanth MenonPM / OPP: switch exported symbols to GPL variant
2013-07-17 Hemant Hariyaniarm: dts: omap5: Add _ck to dpll_mpu
2013-07-17 Hemant Hariyaniarm: dts: dra7xx: Add _ck to dpll_mpu
2013-07-17 Hemant Hariyaniclk: OMAP: Remove _ck assumption for DT bindings
2013-07-16 Praneeth Bajjuridefconfig: android: SD: Enable FUSE FS
2013-07-16 Praneeth BajjuriMerge branch 'p-ti-linux-3.8.y' into p-ti-android-3.8.y
2013-07-16 Praneeth BajjuriARM: DTS: DRA7: Enable OPP High
2013-07-16 Nishanth MenonARM: dts: omap5-sevm: remove un-supported platform
2013-07-15 Praneeth BajjuriOMAP5: android: defconfig: Enable display and video...
2013-07-15 Praneeth BajjuriARM: GPIO: android: defconfig: Enable GPIO Switch Class...
2013-07-15 Praneeth BajjuriARM: OMAP: android: defconfig: Enable Kernel Preemption
2013-07-15 Praneeth BajjuriMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/p-ti-linux-3.8...
2013-07-15 Praneeth BajjuriARM: OMAP: omap2plus_defconfig: Enable Kernel Preemption
2013-07-13 Praneeth BajjuriMerge branch 'p-ti-android-3.8.y-video' of git://git...
2013-07-13 Praneeth BajjuriMerge branch 'p-ti-linux-3.8.y' into p-ti-android-3.8.y
2013-07-13 Hemant Hariyaniarm: dra: Add gpu interface clock
2013-07-13 Hemant Hariyaniarm: dra7xx: Add gpu hwmod
2013-07-13 Hemant Hariyaniarm/dts: dra7: Add gpu supply
2013-07-12 Hemant Hariyaniarm: dts: dra7xx: Add gpu data
2013-07-12 Dandawate SaketHDMI: Add reading edid and mode db creation
2013-07-12 Dandawate SaketHDMI: Select correct clock source.
2013-07-12 Dandawate SaketHDMI: Select DVI or HDMI based on EDID
2013-07-12 Dandawate SaketHDMI: Add fb mode db construction
2013-07-12 Dandawate SaketHDMI: Add edid read and clear functions
2013-07-12 Dandawate SaketHDMI: Add FB mode database setting support
2013-07-12 Dandawate SaketOMAPDSS: HDMI: Add setmode support for android
2013-07-12 Dandawate SaketOMAP: HDMI : Add initial support for fb mode translation
2013-07-12 Hemant HariyaniOMAPDSS: OMAPLFB: (HACK) Use VRAM buffers instead of...
2013-07-12 Gowtham TammanaOMAPDSS: OMAPLFB: VRAM buffers for second FB.
2013-07-12 Lajos Molnargpu: OMAP2: generic Android display configuration setup
2013-07-12 Sunita NadampalliOMAPDSS: DSSCOMP: OMAPLFB: Enabling dual FB configurati...
2013-07-12 Sundar Ramangpu: android-display: DO NOT MERGE: android display...
2013-07-12 Volodymyr Mieshkovgc320: OMAP4:GCXXX: Fixing build warnings
2013-07-12 Dandawate SaketOMAPDSS: OMAPLFB: Fix compilation issue for tiler path
2013-07-12 Gustavo Diaz... gpu: omap_hwc: Adds a flag to hint omaplfb a blit FB...
2013-07-12 Tony Lofthousegpu: omap_hwc: Describe the api agreement with omaplfb
2013-07-12 Tony Lofthousegc320: Add header for dsscomp and optional bltsville...
2013-07-12 David Singc320: Initial Open Color format Definitions (OCD).
2013-07-12 David Singc320: OMAP4: adding Vivante Corp 2/3D gcxxx driver...
2013-07-12 David Singc320: OMAP4: adding BLTsville header files
2013-07-12 David Singc320: Initial BLTsville API definition.
2013-07-12 Tony Lofthousegpu: sgx_omaplfb: Create omaplfb platform device file...
2013-07-12 Hemant HariyaniOMAPDSS: OMAPLFB: (HACK) Disable console locking/unlocking
2013-07-12 Dandawate SaketOMAPDSS: OMAPLFB: Enable OMAPLFB for compilation
2013-07-12 Sundar RamanOMAPDSS: OMAPLFB: adapt to K3.8 ION
2013-07-12 Sundar RamanOMAPDSS: OMAPLFB: remove dependency on vrfb
2013-07-12 Sergiy KibrikOMAPDSS: OMAPLFB: remove early_suspend handling
2013-07-12 Sergiy KibrikOMAPDSS: OMAPLFB: skip init in case of invalid framebuffer
2013-07-12 Jack YenOMAPDSS: OMAPLFB: add rotation check to pass the correc...
2013-07-12 Dandawate SaketOMAPDSS: OMAPLFB: Dont foward compositions to DSSCOMP...
2013-07-12 Hemant HariyaniOMAPDSS: OMAPLFB: Add omaplfb to the kernel tree
2013-07-12 Sreenidhi Koti... OMAPDSS: DSSCOMP: Update bit-field info for BGRA32...
2013-07-12 Sunita NadampalliOMAPDSS: DSSCOMP: update overlay enabled along with...
2013-07-12 Hemant HariyaniOMAPDSS: DSSCOMP: Null pointer check for mgr, output
2013-07-12 Sergiy KibrikOMAPDSS: DSSCOMP: register early callback at suspend
2013-07-12 Sergiy KibrikOMAPDSS: DSSCOMP: enable alpha blending at suspend
2013-07-12 Sergiy KibrikOMAPDSS: DSSCOMP: fix channel selection in gralloc_queue
2013-07-12 Sergiy KibrikOMAPDSS: DSSCOMP: do not unpin blocks when splitting...
2013-07-12 Sergiy KibrikOMAPDSS: DSSCOMP: do not clone from disabled layer
2013-07-12 Sergiy KibrikOMAPDSS: DSSCOMP: split tiler1d slots for multi-display
2013-07-12 Sergiy KibrikOMAPDSS: DSSCOMP: allow separate comp to tv
2013-07-12 Sreenidhi Koti... OMAPDSS: DSSCOMP: Add force_1d client support for dispc
2013-07-12 Rodrigo ObregonOMAPDSS: DSSCOMP: Export symbol tiler_pa_free
2013-07-12 Arthur PhilpottOMAPDSS: DSSCOMP: Enable compatibility mode
2013-07-12 Dan MurphyOMAPDSS: DSSCOMP: Fix sparse warnings in gralloc
2013-07-12 Sreenidhi Koti... OMAPDSS: DSSCOMP: Add MFLAG support in DSSCOMP
2013-07-12 Varadarajan... OMAPDSS: DSSCOMP: WA: dsscomp header changes for WB...
2013-07-12 Artem RudenkoOMAPDSS:DSSCOMP: Ignore display resolution for WB sourc...
2013-07-12 Dan MurphyOMAPDSS: DSSCOMP: Resolve compiler errors/warnings...
2013-07-12 Muralidhar... OMAPDSS: DSSCOMP: Handle inactive state in composition...
2013-07-12 Dandawate SaketOMAPDSS : DSSCOMP : Avoid pushing content if no panel...
2013-07-12 Sreenidhi Koti... OMAPDSS: DSSCOMP: Switch to multiple overlay apply...
2013-07-12 Muralidhar... OMAPDSS: DSSCOMP: Remove HDMI_ENABLE flag from dsscomp
2013-07-12 Tony LofthouseOMAPDSS: DSSCOMP: move device to omap plat to configure...
2013-07-12 Sreenidhi Koti... OMAPDSS: DSSCOMP: Enable & Disable function support...
2013-07-12 Dandawate SaketOMAPDSS: DSSCOMP: Configuration changes
2013-07-12 Lajos MolnarOMAPDSS: DSSCOMP: New composition module
2013-07-12 Dandawate SaketOMAPDSS: OMAPFB: Enable OMAPFB in the kernel
2013-07-12 Sreenidhi Koti... OMAPDSS: OMAPFB: Update bit-field info for BGRA32 color...
2013-07-12 Dandawate SaketOMAPDSS: OMAPFB: Initialize all devices for default...
2013-07-12 Dandawate SaketOMAPDSS: OMAPFB: Decouple DRM and FB
2013-07-12 Hemant HariyaniOMAPDSS: OMAPFB: (HACK) Double buffer for swap chain
2013-07-12 Dandawate SaketOMAPDSS: OMAPFB: Fix fb initialization
2013-07-12 Sergiy KibrikOMAPDSS: OMAPFB: return error when can't enable vsync
2013-07-12 Sergiy KibrikOMAPDSS: OMAPFB: assign DSS managers to all framebuffers
2013-07-12 Sreenidhi KotiOMAPDSS: OMAPFB: Add BGRA32 support in FB Driver
2013-07-12 Muralidhar... OMAPDSS: OMAPFB: Select correct VSYNC IRQ based on...
2013-07-12 Dandawate SaketOMAPDSS: OMAPFB: Do not suspend HDMI driver in early...
2013-07-12 Dandawate SaketOMAPDSS: OMAPFB : Dont error if default display is ON
2013-07-12 Dandawate SaketOMAPDSS: OMAPFB : Add support for default display scaling.
2013-07-12 Erik GillingOMAPDSS: OMAPFB: Asynchronous vsync notification
2013-07-12 Dandawate SaketOMAPDSS: OMAPFB: Use omapdss_display_get_dimensions()
2013-07-12 Mark TylerOMAPDSS: OMAPFB: Change default color format to ARGB32
2013-07-12 Lajos MolnarOMAPDSS: OMAPFB: Switch HDMI timings & EDID handling...
2013-07-12 Rodrigo ObregonOMAPDSS: OMAPFB: export functions for PVR driver
2013-07-12 Lajos MolnarOMAPDSS: OMAPFB: Export omapfb_mode_to_dss_mode.
2013-07-12 Arthur PhilpottARCH: OMAP: FB: Omapfb_set_platform_data move
2013-07-12 Dandawate SaketOMAPDSS: OMAPFB : Add support for VRAM size read